Kinetics Insulin

Limitations As with any other form of intensive diabetes treatment, the success of therapy depends on NPVI much parents and caregivers who provide ongoing support of the child. The same goes for older children and adolescents. Satisfactory metabolic control is not achieved, if you can not carry out regular measurements, time to change catheters and reservoirs (cartridges), adjust the dose of insulin to control the amount of food intake and physical activity level. Reluctance to carry out these necessary requirements, or lack of continued support from a team of experienced pediatricians will not allow you to justify the additional cost for this type of terapii.3 And yet, the insulin pump therapy provides an extensive group of motivated children, adolescents and their families an opportunity to solve individual problems associated with daily administration of insulin. The chance to use this therapy should be given to the greatest number of children, because it reduces the risk of chronic complications. Education of parents and children below list of requirements for an introductory course using an insulin pump, placed on parents and children. Children should be involved in training, depending on their degree of cognitive development. Long-term treatment of children and adolescents should be a team of pediatricians with expertise in technical issues, adjustment of dose and application of this therapy in everyday practice, as well as long-term and consistent teaching the entire family. Requirements for elementary education, the use of insulin pump management skills Working hours fanfare selection of catheters and treatment of the Diet (calculation / estimation of carbohydrates) Principles basal / bolus therapy (including circadian variation in insulin sensitivity) Kinetics of insulin and insulin dose self-prevention, detection and treatment of hypoglycemia prevention, detection and treatment Control of hyperglycemia of insulin in accordance with physical activity and exercise control at the time of disease introduction NPVI in everyday life (ie, in kindergarten, in school, at home with their parents, the independence of treatment of diabetes) provided Statyana International Diabetes Association Source: