Laser Eye Surgery

LASIK Istanbul – Dr. Nusret BAS is considered to be one of the most experienced laser eye specialists of Turkey and Europe. LASIK Istanbul – when using eye laser treatment, as E.g. LASIK, Femto LASIK or Wavefront LASIK, spoken in a foreign country, a name may be mentioned: Dr. Nusret BAS – Chief of medicine and LASIK specialist in Istanbul in Turkey already before about 15 years first universitatsallee patients in Turkey treated with modern laser eye technology – by Dr.

BAS. He is considered one of the pioneers in the field of laser eye surgery. Dr. BAS was personally trained by Dr. Stephen Trokel in the United States.

Dr. Trokel in professional circles is regarded as founder and “Father of laser eye surgery”. Dr. BAS was one of the first LASIK specialists, which has for the first time applied the modern Femto LASIK procedure as the innovative Wavefront technology in Istanbul. Dr. Nusret BAS about 55,000 LASIK operations has successfully personally performed over the past 15 years. Can only a few eye doctors in the field of LASIK in Istanbul and also within Europe look back on such a remarkable experience. In addition to the field of laser eye surgery Dr. BAS moreover is also specialist for the implantation of Phaken lens and Multifocal lenses. Phakic lenses are art lens will be implanted in addition to the body’s lens in the eye. Phakic lenses used in patients, which are due to an extreme short or long sightedness not for LASIK treatment in question. In the treatment of cataracts (cataract), the body’s natural lens is replaced by a so-called multi focal lens. The implantation of a multi focal lens allows an optimum view into the distance as well as close to cataract patients. To enable a LASIK surgery in his clinic patients from abroad, the company BLU Meditravel has established five years ago Dr.