There are two possible modes to make this change: 1. as planned, as soon as the new strategy is clear, preferably before you deploy it. the source for more info. The development of the new image should be part of the process of strategic change. 2. On the fly, when it is detected that customers believe that the company is engaged in something other than what really makes. (7) Creating new lines of business the companies create new lines of business and new brands for many reasons: to introduce a new line of products, to exploit a niche market, to create a second brand that competes with the principal, to attack other price bands (more expensive or cheaper), or to enter new markets. The new business unit can use the image of the matrix, can adapt it, or can create a completely new.

(8) A company EXPANSION can expand its field of action in many ways: by introducing new lines of products, accessing new markets or new channels, attacking new segments of customers, etc. If the logo and image are linked into a product, geographic region, channel, market segment, the expansion is hindered. It will be necessary to adjust the image to suppress that limitation, redefine it completely, or to continue with an image representing only part of the business risk. When should make the change: 1. when expected a significant expansion and planned strategy. By example when a company of services professionals decides to expand and give direct service to consumers. Or when a direct selling company decided to expand and sell through distributors.

2. As soon as the new activity acquires sufficient importance in the whole of the company. For example, when a company that exports occasionally increases the volume of their exports. 9) Focus the business lines many companies create business units or independent brands, for example, to commercialize different products, or in different channels, or in different price segments. It may be that diversification goes too far, that worn-out or that any line of business contract, by what the company decides to reinstate a secondary brand main brand. When this happens, there is to adapt both images: of the brand high school, during a transition period until customers have accepted the change of brand, and the main brand, to accept the new line. (10) SPECIALIZATION when a company has diversified, too, may decide to focus in a part of your business and get rid of the rest. For example, you can leave the dealer channel and focus on direct sales. Or keep a single line of products. Or focus on a niche market. DO if is located in one of these cases if your company is already in one of these situations, and sees that you need to revamp your image, come to LogoRapid: we are specialists in the design and redesign of logos of companies. For more information, visit original author and source of the article.