Lower Saxony Germany

The specialist for Urology Dr. Aref El-Seweifi runs a Urology practice where he offers his patients a wide range of treatment options in Berlin. Dr. Aref El-Seweifi has further specialized as urologist. This applies to men in the field of sexual surgery and Andrology. He performs Urologic treatments and surgical procedures in the field of Pediatric Urology.

He performs all surgeries himself and attaches great importance to the fact that patients over the course of the operation and possible surgical risks are adequately informed in advance. Also, the patients in a very modern operations centre be operated. Through his many qualifications, Dr. Aref El-Seweifi can offer a wide range of treatment his male patients. He offered screening for men, where, for example, changes in the prostate area can be diagnosed and treated.

He also treated diseases in ureter and urinary bubble, such as the narrowing of the urethra. He offers his patients also, the possibility of extension or thickening of the penis. As well, existing curvatures of the penis can be corrected surgically. The affixing of a penile prosthesis especially after radical Prostate Surgery is also part of the services offered by Dr. Aref El-Seweifi. By the increasing problems of the Glans penis, premature ejaculation, or problems in patients by Leistenhoden, these can be treated successfully. Furthermore, it offered varying treatment on the subject of fertility by Dr. Aref El-Seweifi. Include also the vasectomy, the sterilization and the re fertilisation. Operative corrections can be carried in the field of the trans-sexuality. Benign and malignant bladder and kidney tumors are treated in practice by Dr. Aref El-Seweifi. In addition, the dreaded prostate cancer is diagnosed and treated then. For the diagnosis of prostate cancer Dr. Aref El-Seweifi uses the digital examination of the rectum and trans of rectal Ulteraschall. Furthermore, he runs histological examination of tissue samples and the PSA test for the detection of cancer. To successfully treat prostate cancer, Dr. Aref El-Seweifi performs include the surgical removal of the prostate. However, the necessary criteria in favour of an operation, are checked before thoroughly. Another treatment option is the so-called brachytherapy and external Betrahlung. This is dealing with external radiation therapy and the implanting of radioactive particles. If the patient can not be operated or the prostate cancer forms over and over again, then the hormone treatment as well as chemotherapy is used to treat. The treatment modalities are individually depending on the findings, and are based on the guidelines of the society for the European urology.