LTDA Companies

A organizacional diagnosis is as to look one I medicate, it carries through a complete diagnosis identifying probable illnesses, when to the objective the focus of the doctor is to cure them with medicines or surgeries, not being different inside of a company I consult, through the diagnosis identifies it the problems in one definitive sector and its objective is to decide it in the best possible way. OBJECTIVE To present the importance of the countable analysis, the diagnosis organizacional, of the management of people and the topics special in administration and others, they will be in all the stages in practise that I will present soon more, the focus of the work nothing more are the day to day reality of the companies, problems that appear and at the same time will be presented all the analysis processes to solve implanting them improvements in the general aspect. The same she will leave well clearly as the company must act in emergency situations, in the implantation of techniques for its good day to day development. METHODOLOGY For the accomplishment of this portflio we will use the knowledge acquired in the college, web lesson, books you discipline of them of the semester, articles of professors, bibliographical references of authors and masters, digital library beyond the complementary material offered by the proper institution. IT PAYS &AMP WELL; ldquo; LTDA& rdquo;. JUSTIFICATION Today the competition is a ghost for micron, small great companies, if the competition, somebody that takes the place of somebody this is obvious, and many lose this space for not having a solid administration, efficient and efficient a management that brings resulted waited. The biggest difficulty of the companies today is to innovate, to search to know the maximum its proper business, to identify its weak and strong points and of finds solutions them negative points and to innovate the positives in all the aspects. .