Ludwig Van Beethoven

Beethoven suffered from dropsy of the belly, and the doctor had to make four punctures so I could get rid of some of the liquid retained, since Beethoven "could hardly breathe" in this situation. The case is that after the doctor punctures closed Lead using soap, as this disinfects and has the advantage of preventing bacteria from nesting in the wound or into the body. Cirrhosis was favored by the consumption of alcohol by Beethoven, but he denied that the musician "drink excessively." Apparently, evil is primarily because his liver had been weakened by hepatitis A. Fur Elise 'is really' for 'Teresa': The famous piano Beethoven bagatelle that everyone knows as "Fur Elise" (composed on April 27, 1810), actually is "To Teresa", as it is the title that appears in the original manuscript of Beethoven. It is believed that a scribal error for the bad handwriting of the composer brought this 'small' confusion. He heard Beethoven's 9th Symphony: The premiere of this great work, Beethoven was completely deaf. In fact, it is said that after the show ended he thought the musicians had stopped playing for some reason, and he turned and saw standing around the room clapping: The concert was complete. On one occasion, Ludwig Van Beethoven was invited to where several children of different ages, who were playing without stopping, I'm calling much attention to a beautiful girl named Eliza, which is informed of who was the teacher approached him and commented that she too was an artist, because he already played some pieces on the piano, it became very in favor of Beethoven and before retiring, was asked to play something on piano.