Malignant Cancer

Malignant cancer is any cancer or form of growth that can spread to other parts of the body in a process called metastasis. Compared to benign tumors or forms of cancer that are not easily spread to other parts of the body and can be much easier to treat. Evil can be defined as progressive, evil, and resistant to any form of treatment, but should not be understood necessarily as mortal. If many malignant types of cancer is detected early, can be treated by removing tumors and other measures like chemotherapy and radiation. Malignant cancer, due to the tendency to metastasis of these tumors can develop in any part of the body, people tend to be affected with cancerous cells throughout the Interior of the body. Melanomas, skin cancer cells, tend to invade the principal organs, for this reason, and due to the relatively common incidence of skin cancer, people are advised immediately visit a doctor if a Mole has changed in shape or size, or if a new growth has appeared in the skin.

Similarly, there are forms of benign cancer that may appear on the skin, are usually called basal or squamous cell cancers. Non-malignant tumors, and they will continue to grow in the tissue of the skin, these cells cannot migrate to other parts of the body or to the inner part of the body; However, they need attention and must be eliminated, but they are not the cause of death. Forms of malignant cancer affect not only the skin, tumors can grow in bones, soft tissues, blood, organs, or the brain and brain stem. The cure for cancer is based on the speed with which detects disease, also in preventing that disease can spread to other places by eliminating cancer cells. That is why, when someone has breast cancer, recommended complete mastectomy; This is a way to make sure that all cells are removed it is impossible the migration of cancer cells to other parts of the body.

To prevent the spread of cancer, after removal, oncologists recommend radiation or chemotherapy to eliminate any remaining cell. Some types of cancer malignant invade vital organs, so that can not be removed surgically, without risking life. People who develop lung or brain cancer do not always have the option of surgical treatment due to the location of the tumor, and the only treatment that can be used is the radiation or chemotherapy. Unfortunately, this treatment is not always effective, and malignant cells may extend the.