Mix Country

That is to say, popular Armed Forces, forces, political Church, parties and the sectors of the great one bourgeoisie in the end. Similar consensus ended the life of the dictatorship, as it is known. But ” all their action of the great bourgeoisie was guided by the objective to maintain the political power for himself, to conserve intact the structure of the state, to contain the democratic movement, to restrain the anti-feudal transformations and of national liberation and to frame the Venezuelan political process in the close field of the slow reforms that do not solve the great problems of the country nor of masas.” Mix-up of classes Done that turns the subject into a subject to drive of classes, where one acts quickly to preserve its interests and another one retires by virtue of the deficiency of brings back to consciousness programmatic with respect to the historical moment that were lived and of the model of country that was developed. The popular forces did not have clarity on the type of government whom it would have to come after the overthrow, much less spyings on the good or bad faith of the different forces that participated in the riot. For that reason we affirm that the masses popular they retire from good faith to his houses, without obeying to no other plan that is not to wait for the results of the decision making of the national leadership with respect to the model of waited for country, that is to say, one where it did not appear the political instability, the social problems were taken care of and economic of the population, the standard of life would rise, would be respected the human rights, etc.