Much Body

But few people know that a layer of toxic waste is generated throughout tract from stomach to rectum. But this method only helps clean out the last 5 or 6 feet of your intestines, but not 22 feet small intestine. If you have also appeared in violation of the regularity of items – your health at risk. Look for the little children: they are relieved almost immediately after eating. This is due to displacement of residues of food processing it with a fresh portion.

This mode of the digestive tract considered normal. And as this happens to you? Once a day after every meal? Or once in two days? You wait, straining, tuzhites, or withdrawal of excrement are you without effort? In fact, a very useful free bowels three times a day, but many do it yourself is simply not strong enough. Earlier, people were active, and eating only healthy foods. For them it was commonplace to digest food and remove the remains of the body for 15 hours. Modern man for the times you want to have up to 70 hours! This – the price paid for a sedentary lifestyle and junk food snacks quick! It is hence the much greater risk of illness and themselves disease than it was in previous generations. Today it is impossible to completely rid your body of toxins. Our food is full of chemical additives in drinks very often – caffeine, clean air and water will soon be worth its weight in gold.