My Feelings.

Feelings It is so good for being able to feel is as soon as I know that I am alive With my feelings With the love that I feel Love this that the times that to dance with the homesickness and creates sadness in my heart Sadness this that when seeing its blue eyes Adds leaving space for the great Happiness Happiness that if joins eats Passion and me Fear leaves with Fear to lose it Fear of being There Illusion, that pain in the heart alone to think More it exists more feelings that sample that I am alive As the friendship that is as love more than a different skill Is all that confidence that we have in as much people More when I find a false friend another feeling I invaded me the hatred and all its ruindade More with me the hatred never comes alone brings with it its friends Brings with it the rancor and the diffidence More soon all passes and sovereign born in the kingdom peace in my heart Plus you it knows heart is wild animal and one schemes unstable That dumb soon the feeling and with it the emotion more is this that becomes me living creature!