National Cancer Institute

Tanning of skin until the doctor comes. The reversal of this practice in recent years as almost unnoticed. Meanwhile, the cosmetics industry to save our skin could”blow with new products with ever-higher sun protection factor”, now the three-digit area approaches. “This went completely unnoticed, that scientific studies a to the other times were able to demonstrate that sunscreen not only no protection from malicious black” skin cancer offered but on the contrary more skin cancer carried through their chemical cocktails and the propagated but false security. How dangerous is large study with small flaws–the solarium? Meanwhile, the tone is strident and science always open sides. The Media will be mostly on the side of each socially and economically stronger, which offers also the scariest disaster stories. A typical example is in these days by the world press. German media report: Sun in the solarium increases the risk of Melanoma almost doubled, and in the extreme even three times.

Scary but on second glance not true! The story begins in the year 2004 with the start of a research project in the US State of Minnesota. The researchers commissioned – together with the means of research by the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute, to develop instruments with which the use may be discouraged from tanning.” About 2,000 residents of Minnesota, middle-aged, about half with melanoma ill, recruited the other half randomly from the population, answered questions about their memory of the stay in the Sun and solarium in the course of their lives, frequency and duration, in writing and by telephone on Sunburns, her age at the first encounter with the solarium, the type of device was used and similar issues. All carefully collected, statistically processed and now published in an international journal. The desired outcome had provided a prompt. In the past, dozens of similar studies had only very weak (especially in countries with Celtic”, very white population) or even no evidence that should be found that the use of solariums increased the risk of melanoma.