OMS Tobacco

In Brazil law 10,167 restricts the cigarette propaganda and its derivatives. To smoke during the pregnancy brings serious risks for the gestante as well as increases the risk of fetal and infantile mortality. Here it is some of the risks: spontaneous abortions, premature births, babies of low weight, tubria pregnancy, just-born fetais deaths and of, bleeds. One another problem is the passive smoker, that is, the individual that coexist smokers and inala the smoke of derivatives of the tobacco. Research shows that the passive tobaccoism is the 3maior cause of evitvel death in the world. Ambient the Tabagstica Pollution (PTA) is the decurrent pollution of the smoke of the derivatives of the tobacco in closed environments.

according to OMS is the responsible greater for the pollution in these environments. Here it is some data on the tobaccoism: – nine deaths for the moment -80 a thousand deaths per year -90% of the cases of lung cancer -25%de cases of infartos of myocardium -40% of cases for cerebral spill -10 million people go to die in next the 30 years in Americas -4 million die per year in the world Some used methods to finish with the vice: – gum to chew with nicotine, as tablets that liberate small doses of nicotine diminishing the abstinence symptoms. – Skin paches that they are small adhesives that glue to the skin liberate more nicotine – spray nasal that it liberates little nicotine that the gum and skin paches, however arrives faster at the circulatrio system. – inalante that it has the form of a cigarette, and thus the individual finds that it is smoking. – zyban, is antidepressive drug that assists in the abstinence crises. In Brazil it is said in tobacco, where if it observes that the tobacco is a vigorous plant, that can reach up to two meters of height and whose bigger leves can measure of 60 the 70 centimeters of length.