On The Roof Is Close Or A Power Struggle For A Place Under A

Look at the huge expanse of roof, beauty, new brands, new materials and new technologies. Roofs have changed his appearance, now they are not all alike, as the 20 th century roof, the roof is now 21 centuries, with his face, his "emotions" their whims, and of course with his inner being. They're all different, different from each other in almost all technological solutions, high in their societies, some of them dressed in the market, while others in the boutiques, one warm in winter, the other cold. The roof, just like people, too, cry, though outwardly seemingly always calm, do not actually moved. But behind the semblance of calm under the roof membrane – turned "a power struggle for a place under the sun." Interests of producers of insulation materials made of mineral wool and basalt facing newcomers players, producers of extruded polystyrene insulation. Earlier, in the 20 th century, almost All roofs as insulation used mineral wool and basalt insulation, less conventional foam, which seems to change in the 21 th century came from extruded polystyrene insulation. Thermal insulation made from extruded polystyrene – a thermal insulation plate made of general purpose polystyrene by extrusion. Due to the unique method of manufacture, they have a uniform structure consisting of small, completely closed cell size of 0,1-0,2 mm. Equipment for the production of such material is only abroad, in Russia, manufacturers do not. The use of extruded polystyrene on the roof wins on almost all parameters, at first it was not so much in 2001-2005, as the price of extruded polystyrene insulation was quite high and reached a level of resellers of 7000-8000 rubles per cubic meter, that certainly affected the extrusion be bought – for wool was worth less.