Ottawa International

More than 100 governments they approve in Dublin the text of an international treaty to prohibit the cluster pumps, that are had been using during 40 years. When the Spanish Government ratifies the new treaty, both models of pumps that make here will be prohibited. Final S.A. of the decade of 90 saw the light the Treaty of Ottawa by which the use, the manufacture, the sale and the storage of the mines were prohibited person, now we have managed to reinforce the international right with a new treaty to prohibit the cluster pumps. In Dublin, the diplomatic conference has been celebrated that it concluded with the approval of this new international convention. International governments, organizations and civil society, all we have united efforts to end the enormous suffering that brings about between the civil populace the use of this type of armament. The cluster pumps are like containers that, once sent from earth, sea or air, are abren and in his trajectory they drop from tens to hundreds of explosive charges.

These the ammunition are scattered by an ample zone, of an extension similar to the one of three football grounds, and act of indiscriminate form, without distinguishing between civilian and military objectives. They have out of proportion effects that extend in the time. These loads would have to explode when they arrive at earth, but often this does not happen. One calculates that 5% enter and 30% of the ammunition stay until somebody active – many young young occasions and attracted by its color and form makes contact with enemy with them and the explosion takes place. The cluster pumps have killed and hurt to tens of thousands of innocent civilians since they were used for the first time during World War II. Later, these ammunition have been used in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq and also, in summer of the 2006, to the south of the Lebanon.