Practical Professional Nursing

In some .causing situations of the PCR? acidose metabolic, hipercalemia, exgena poisoning for tricclicos and, still, when success in the reanimao with desfibrilao and farmacolgicas interventions are not gotten, in the assistolia and electric activity without pulse, its use is indicated in the 10 dose of 1 mEq/kg to each min, always lead for the arterial gasometria. Medicines as noradrenalina, dopamina or dobutamina are soon used after the reanimao with function of if keeping steady the hemodinmicas conditions of the patient. CONCLUSION Such boardings had made in them to better understand the stages of a reanimao, as well as the paper of the nursing and the nurse during this event, contributing of positive form for our theoretical enrichment, as subsidy for a quality assistance. Moreover, it acquired knowledge in them on the importance of the update and the constant study on the subject.