Life begins before birth about 38 weeks earlier at the instant a sperm penetrates the egg. It is established already from the moment of conception the identity of the new be is set fully all their physical traits and mental nothing is random. On the inside of the uterus, this new being will grow and develop for nine months. Although intimately linked to the mother is an independent being with a particular destination. For nine months the mother weaves every day a new life.

When the day of birth someone lay on his arms to this small little person who has formed the stage of pregnancy will be over: and a new stage she begins close in her arms the project’s entire existence. The strength of women is to be, from the beginning, responsible for a destination. However, childbearing in the bowl of the womb a human being is a story as old as the world However, our generation has the immense good fortune to be able to live this adventure in a new way and enjoy fantastic advances in the knowledge of the development of this new life. As medicine progresses you can enjoy new benefits because we can know very precisely the baby’s development week by week. Think that only a few years ago the ultrasound for pregnancy control was not known nor enjoyed the convenience of disposable diapers! Nowadays is not so much endure pregnancy but direct it and control the body evolve in it changes. Waiting for a child is not an event independent of our will, but a real company that we have to go. A new mentality illuminates motherhood with a different projection.