Prevention Of Dental Caries

The most popular dental diseases are dental caries and periodontal disease. Kapiec (tooth decay) evolves gradually, starting with surface areas of the tooth and then going deeper to the underlying tissue. It can affect both the crown of the tooth and root surfaces. Karies – quite insidious disease. It destroys a dental apparatus, resulting in broken chewing process. Subsequently, this leads to frustration digestion.

Infectious agents that enter the damaged teeth, can cause severe infectious processes, not only in the maxillofacial region, but also in internal organs (heart, kidneys, joints), as well as to create conditions for allergic diseases. Based on the general state of health and its general features are necessary hygiene measures and those that are recommended specifically for the oral cavity – proper nutrition and fluorine products – active ways to prevent tooth decay. Lack of protein leads to disruption of mineralization of hard tissues, reducing the size and color of dental crowns. Excess carbohydrates in the diet increases the possibility of caries. Therefore, for the formation of healthy teeth is an important quality of the food and the optimal quantity. In the prevention of dental caries a special place belongs to the vitamin.

It is established that long before occurrence of the disease, tooth tissues dramatically reduces the content of ascorbic acid. There is also a decrease of 3% per year incidence of tooth decay of children who consumed vitamins C and D. In Asia, for caries dentists recommend to eat rice, especially the husks.