Qualitative Grooming

Never forget that. Otherwise, your tan may end in failure. Many people think that they should not protect the skin from the sun in different ways. But this is a big mistake. Since the skin surface constantly generates new cells of the stratum corneum of the epidermis in the form of flakes. It is to be removed before tanning. In the worst case of sunburn on the skin did not lie and he for some time just otshelushivshihsya.

For competent cleaning the skin, refer to the beautician. After that, your skin will be perfectly smooth and you will be better prepared to tan in the solarium. During the procedure, use a special sunscreen point. Without them you risk your vision. After ultraviolet easily penetrates through the closed eyelid. If you use contact lenses should remove them. It should also implement measures of protection in the tanning bed from drying out the hair. To do this, especially on the dress head cap to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Women need to take care of their breasts. It is a very delicate skin. To protect it, too, there are special safety devices. It plastic cone-shaped caps – Stikine. You should also take care of your lips. They should be treated with a balm. If you have a tattoo, then they must also be secure. In this case, you have to use special means to protecting pigment tattoos. Ink can cause allergic reactions. After the session need to rest. After the treatment of sunburn increases the activity of many body functions. If you feel unwell after procedures in the sunroom, you should consult your doctor. The distribution of tanning is not always uniform. Inner surface of the skin of hands and feet contain less pigmentoobrazuyuschih cells. In these parts of the body is not as tan intense as in other parts of the body. The facial skin is more protected from ultraviolet radiation. On this site lies a tan longer. Brown spots and freckles on the contrary darken faster. They contain more pigment. More even tan can be obtained in verttikalnyh solariums. This is because in parts of the body on which we lay poor circulation. As a result of lack of oxygen leads to a decrease in melanin coloration pigments. To save the sun for a considerable time is necessary to use special cosmetics. Our skin is constantly updated and always coming off our tan, along with dead skin cells. Qualitative Grooming of your skin will allow for a longer time to enjoy your tan. I hope you now know how to use a solarium. And you will be put into practice your knowledge.