According to a recent survey by radiologicum Munich is the number of breast cancer screening increased Angelina Jolie had only in April with their preventive mastectomy a global echo catered for. As it was now known, also American singer Anastacia has become known to this drastic step. Unlike her acting colleague she has but two cancer diagnoses behind. What influence do such reports on German women? What role have celebrities in the breast cancer prevention? Willing women fearing breast cancer to a similarly radical step like Angelina Jolie? A recent survey of the radiologicum Munich, a group of eight radiological and nuclear medicine practices in all of Munich, on the occasion of the month of breast cancer has October on the reason these questions. The alarming result: 49.1 percent of all surveyed citizens in the age of an average 46.5 years are afraid even to breast cancer. Have proud 94.7 percent of the coverage of the breast removal from US actress Get Angelina Jolie. At least a quarter of the respondents (24.7 per cent) indicates an increased risk of breast cancer to a similarly radical step to be prepared and can imagine to have removed as a precaution both breasts. The experts in the radiologicum Munich see responsible for this high value reporting to Angelina Jolie.

We recorded a significant Angelina Jolie effect this year”, says Dr. med. Michael Risch, specialist in radiology and shareholder in the radiologicum Munich. Many women are noticeably worried,”says Dr. med. Michael Risch.

A radicalisation of the breast cancer screening or even an imitation effect in practice had remained however. “The citizens draw the right conclusion: the demand for breast cancer screening has significantly grown”, so the physician. Also the study that shows that: 71.9 percent of the surveyed patients indicating to a breast cancer screening have carried out at least once already. On the question of which prevention method they their most trust 75.4 percent call the mammogram, 54.4 percent scanning by experienced specialists and 36.8% breast self-examination. A breast removal is the last step on a long path of effective preventive measures and only for a small percentage of women consider. “If anything, for women who have a high genetic risk of breast cancer as Angelina Jolie”, emphasizes Dr. med. Michael Risch. But the specialist on a regular breast cancer screening advises all other women aged 40 and over. Every year over 74,000 women in Germany will develop new breast cancer, around 17,000 women die each year from this. Thus, the breast cancer is still the most common malignant tumor in women. Mammography is currently the best method of early detection of breast cancer. With the help of mammography, even the smallest changes in tissue structure can be track, long before a hardening or a lump in the breast is felt. A at the screening in a timely manner discovered breast cancer can be mostly still gently treated and healed”, says Dr. med. Michael Risch. But mammography is not equal to mammography. So the investigation brings more harm than good, patients should rely on modern and low-radiation process. As a first practice in Germany and currently offers only in Munich the radiologicum Munich with the private practice of Microdosis diagnosis the modern and friendly Microdosis mammography at. “The creed of digital is better: less radiation exposure better images” reduces the radiation by up to 80 percent compared with conventional mammography and at a very high detail and contrast resolution. This digital mammography is used also on the radiology Haidhausen and Schwabing Radiology sites.