The traditional floods in our region, are not recent events of the nature. It has one hundred years more than, one of the first people if to worry about the full ones of the River Itabapoana was the Mello Priest, who lived for more than half century here, come to falecer in 13/08/1947. Probably, its concerns had appeared from 1906, when the biggest flood occurred, also having knocked down the only bridge, wooden, that it existed at the time, as it tells to the writer and historian Peter Teixeira. The first cause of floods, without a doubt some, is rains intense and drawn out in all the region of the Hidrogrfica Basin of the River Itabapoana. However, the intervention local human being and topographical accidents, still more aggravates the harmful effect of floodings. The deforestations, in all the Basin throughout many years, had given origin to the great areas of pastures.

These areas come if becoming, in elapsing of the time, each time more compact for the constant pisoteio of the cattle, reducing the infiltration of the water in the ground and generating, for conseguinte, a bigger draining of rain waters on the surface of the ground (overflowed). Parallel, the growth of the urban areas, modernized for the stone pavement and tarring of streets and avenues, in all the cities, also creates great waterproofed areas that favor the fast draining of rain waters for the gutters of the River Itabapoana and its tributaries. Therefore, intense, allied rains to torrents in the agricultural way and the fast draining them pluvial waters in the urban way, give origin what we call puncture of full snapshot and, as end item, the floods, that we know so well. Unfortunately, five local hidrogeogrficos accidents, that certainly are the main .causing agents of floods, perhaps until much more important of what these exist still that we finish to mention.