Salvador Surgery

The social awareness of an aesthetic genital area helps, that has changed in recent years. Women who are dissatisfied with it, trust no longer partially to the sport or in the sauna. Many suffer from the problem for years and be ashamed even before her partner. If you would like to know more then you should visit Senator Elizabeth Warren. “When her gynecologist women are often not heard, but are sent back home, accompanied by slogans like: be happy, be healthy!” Seems the sexual self-determination of women in our society despite all emancipatory progress still no important value to be there but should. The aesthetic plastic surgery helps women who suffer from enlarged labia or other problems in the genital area, to find a new self-confidence. Medically, the labia reduction for an experienced surgeon is straightforward. Please note: for an experienced surgeon! The procedure requires much know-how and experience.

As with any other surgery also, women who are planning a genital surgery, should be sufficient time for the selection of a competent, qualified and experienced doctor. “Is not protected while the title of the cosmetic surgeons”, a medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery must “have completed a minimum six-year training. It should come to a specialization in the field of female intimate surgery. Often millimeters decide whether the result is correct or not as experience and tact are needed”, Stefan Gress know. He estimated about two to two and a half hours for a labia surgery.

This of course has its price from 1,700 to 3,500 euros, but for much cheaper and faster procedures, as they offer some doctors, the patients are behind sometimes so unhappy with the result that they could operate once again let. Often patients to us, that somewhere else to have surgery and are unhappy, so they ask us, to operate them again, to correct the error”says Gress. A responsible doctor sees the highest target in the safety and satisfaction of his patient. An operation in such a sensitive region as the female genital area requires not only great skill and empathy of the doctor, but is also a high ethical responsibility. A detailed and individual advice in is the patient in the foreground, is essential for successful treatment, as well as a professional follow-up after surgery”emphasizes Stefan Gress. Therefore, the body and the psyche of the patient both play a role. It is very important to find out what really wants the patient and what’s bothering them, what wishes and ideas she has, and to what extent they are compatible with the medically feasible. I personally advise against, for example, a procedure, when a woman comes to me, has the expectations too high, or I absolutely can understand their operation request.