Skin Cancer

Health insurance fight skin cancer health insurance companies offer a free extra examination to the skin cancer screening since July 1, 2008 all insured persons from the age of 35. Every two years can use the offer of a follow-up. Because when skin cancer early enough is detected, there are good chances for a cure. The Internet health portal provides information about skin cancer. More and more new diseases with skin cancer there are in Germany more than 870,000 skin cancer patients in treatment. Per year increases this number to more than 140,000 people. The dangerous skin cancer malignant melanoma will be diagnosed just over 22,000.

Some 3,000 patients are losing the battle against skin cancer per year. Since 1980, the annual incidence has sixfold. The leisure behavior of Germans has changed to causes of skin cancer. Sun holidays are in the trend, when it comes, even twice a year. In the winter, it then goes into the solarium. While the equity protection skin, period depending on the type of skin – just a few minutes: help against skin cancer – skin types & own protection time Skin never Brown, blue 1-5-10 minutes for lighter skin, freckles, or skin type 2-10 to 20 minutes for lighter skin, moderately tanned, blue green eye color or green eyes skin type 3-20 to 30 minutes at light to light brown skin, progressively continued Brown, Brown eyes skin type 4-30 to 40 minutes at olive to brownish skin, deep brown, Brown eyes the midday sun between 11 am and 3: 00 is most dangerous to the skin cancer prevention tips. The southerners that their siesta at this time are a role model here.

But also take into account that in southern areas, such as, for example, the Canary Islands, the UV exposure is twice as high as in Germany. Shadow in turn can reduce this burden by up to 50 percent. Head-dresses or clothes if possible (long), tightly woven and loose-fitting, protect from excessive sunlight. Who would like to approve to soak up the Sun, should pay attention to waterproof sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (at least 20). And: is after bathing again applying protective sunscreen a must. The imedo Gesundheitsnews.Informationen to Sun protection for children you will find here how you prevent sunburns to the skin type according to, betrayed.