Sports Complex

Very helpful to walk barefoot on uneven surfaces (sand, grass), as this will strengthen the muscles of the foot. Thinking of children of the second and third years of life specifically – they better understand what they see. Child grows, fitness become more interesting and diverse. On third year of life is significantly improved motor coordination – developing consistency of movements of hands and feet. Improved running and jumping.

Remarkable physical and emotional effects make joint family morning gymnastics classes. Of the parents can get a perfect sports equipment: for it is possible to climb through it you can climb, and holding hands – swing, jump. A parent may become a 'horse', 'car' 'Airplane'. These are actual venture to five years. But to fully meet the physical activity kid, this is not enough. Need a stadium or pool, or employment in the sports section.

If all this is not available, arrange home Sports Complex – a large variety of commercially available, or make it your own. brings even more insight to the discussion. Attention! In the early days of sessions, the child will not be able to distribute their opportunities, so hedging it! On the floor should be litter mat, and place the possible fall soft mattress or mat. The important point, delaying the physical development – watching TV. Rational to view the schedule and strictly abide by it. For children 5-6 years as a fitness program suitable combination of intense games, stretching and exercises to strengthen muscles and allow your total Stamina. If your child help in the first years of life to build a solid base of core motor skills, then his involvement in other types of physical activity, such as regular exercise, a serious dance training, should be smooth and painless. Good luck! Contents exercises should inspire, interest of the child. If your baby is experiencing positive emotions, it activates it, promotes normal functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. You should never make child to engage in – forcing gives rise to a natural appeal, creates a negative emotion. Good luck!