Valley to point out that during the treatment, it is used insertion of daily activities, interpersonal relationship and to diminish the auto-aggressive behaviors, since it has as objective to reach the autonomy and the insertion in the society (ALMEIDA, DRATCU and LARANJEIRA, 1996). As the above-mentioned authors asseveram that: In the first years of life, the treatment must be indicated of intensive form to use to advantage the biggest plasticity of the neurological processes of this etria band. The individual treatments include the therapy, occupational therapy, mannering therapy fonoaudiolgica and fisioterapia, being the indicated psycotherapy more for adolescent and adult autistas with bigger capacity of verbal expression (…), the treatment of autistas with normal QI or light mental retardation the moderate one has for objective to stimulate the progress of language, sociability and escolaridade, looking for to reach compatible levels of development with the age of the child (1996, p.256). Thus being, the precocious planning of interventions, special education, familiar support the frmacos can help this patient to have a rhythm of normal life. Programs of precocious interventions of special education exist that help these children learn as if to communicate and if to relate with other people, since this reduces the gravity and the frequency of the aggressive and disturbing behaviors (SPRINGHOUSE, 2006). As Almeida, Dratcu and Laranjeira (1996) tell that no drug was proven as treatment of autismo upheaval, since the stimulants as metilfenidato that is can diminish the sintomatologia of the same one as, carelessness impulsiveneness and hiperatividade in some children. In accordance with Springhouse, (2006, P. 85): The ISRS can be useful in the control of the compulsory behavior, irritability and the retraction.

The lithium was demonstrated as reducing of certain upheavals affective associates to the autismo. Other drugs, including risperidona (Risperdal) and buspirona (BuSpar), are being studied alliviate in it of explosive episodes.