State Students

During the holidays, many people often spend the best time of the year. The Netherlands offer numerous interesting programmes with their colleges for future students, which make possible a career in the tourism and leisure sector. While such a study in Germany is usually possible to private vocational colleges or private universities, State colleges in this area are very active and competent in our neighbouring country. The financial aspect is interesting for German students first and foremost. The annual tuition fees for tourism and leisure management are ever around 8,500 euros, compared to currently about 1,600 euros in the Netherlands at private academies and universities of applied sciences in Germany.

German students have the opportunity to apply for foreign BAfoG or take different financing models of the Dutch state in right there. ‘ So it is possible, for example, to borrow the tuition or under certain conditions the so-called Studiefinanciering ‘ (Student funding) to apply for the Dutch state. The Dutch universities place value on great practical relevance. The students are confronted with situations from the world of work and have the task to solve them. Usually handled such tasks in the context of group work, also bolstering the ability of the team.

During their studies the students be accompanied by personal mentors, available for study questions and the career planning always to the side. After graduation, the students in the Netherlands receive the modern Bachelor’s or master’s degree. Lecture language is either Dutch or English depending on the College. During his studies, much emphasis is placed on internationality. Because the Netherlands is a popular destination for students from all over the world, the courses be designed so that graduates around the world can work. For enrolment at a Dutch University of applied sciences we provided the qualification or the school. A NC does not exist for courses in area of tourism management and leisure management. There is more information about studying in the Netherlands under.