Strong Cities Strong Country

In Wuppertal the CDU defined himself as a modern city party the CDU Bonn/Wuppertal defined as modern city party”. To meet this requirement, the question must be discussed again and again, what contemporary politics can look like. The Working Group of large cities of the local Association of the CDU and CSU of in Germany (KPV) meets at regular intervals, and sees itself as a kind of discussion platform. The working group consists of the Presidents and CEOs of big cities with more than 200,000 inhabitants, as well as the provincial capital. The April meeting of the Working Group was held in Wuppertal, Germany. Reported in the latest issue of the local leaves (HOUND) Bernhard Simon, Chairman of Council of the CDU Wuppertaler ../fraktionsvorstand, about the event.

Mayor of Wuppertal, Peter Jung, for over 40 years the first CDU-OB in Wuppertal, and since the municipal elections 2004 in Office, presented the guests from all over Germany considers positive developments of Wuppertal. This was also clearly, that the CDU handwriting in Wuppertal brought decisive impulses of the city and created a sense of excitement in the Bergischen Metropolis”, writes Simon. Young stressed that that until today alive Wuppertal tradition of civic engagement and let are possible as involvement and participation in the city. So, tens of millions on the seats of the Opera House, the conversion of the Nordbahntrasse, renovation of Opera and Opera of swimming, Junior College, the Zoo and the by der-Heydt-Museum had flowed through Wuppertal citizens as positive examples. One of the main topics of the Conference was”the thing complex urban development. Under the heading of urban redevelopment West and social City urban development in demographic change in North Rhine-Westphalia”lectured Gunter Kozlowski, Secretary of State at the Ministry of construction and transport of the State of NRW, holistic approaches of modern urban development.

He paid particular attention to the population decline, the changing living and life situations of people as well as the new demands for quality of life in Germany. A representative of the Bonn research firm of empirica informed the Group Chairmen and managing directors from all over Germany to the subject of demographic change”the concrete example of Wuppertal. Bernhard Faller was out clearly the size of the challenges as well as the structural opportunities of urban restructuring in Wuppertal, Germany. “Bernhard Simon, Chief of the CDU Bundestag group was satisfied with the outcome of the event: this meeting is good for Wuppertal: In advance of the NRW tag in August and the upcoming NRW Stadtetag in Wuppertal, we can show our city is as interesting and diverse.” Ansgar Lange