Surgery Responsibility

Meckee with its family, this aspect becomes related with the triad, consisting of: patient, family and the responsible team for the surgery, all become involved in the same fight, but each one composing an angle of this process. He also observes yourself, the anxiety and the concern of loss of the voice, ahead of the discovery of the larngeo tumor. She says it is a very important factor for a doctor or any person, being thus, the discovery of left it to the illness tenser and anxious. A hospital psychology explains that in general, the more valued it will be agency, greater will be the anxiety of the patient face its surgery. Depersonalization of the Meckee doctor Was very impactante to learn to adjust the rules of the institution, started namely how much it is delayed and bureaucratic to fill hospital fiches, it lost its statos of famous doctor and was obliged to seat in a chair of wheels. It felt discomfort to undress ahead of unknown people, considered inconvenience the same the fact to divide one room of wait with another patient, therefore it was with shame and it did not want to be recognized. It was perceived concern of the same with the procedure of its surgery and in this same scene, turns it question of the invasion of the body, the confidence and the authorization, moment this characterized by participativa delivery of the surgical patient. Increase of the gravity of the illness Living in the quality of patient and under effect of the anaesthetic, Meckee if scares ahead with equipment of examinations that do not condizem with its illness, becoming aggressive of an error in the exchange of fiches, beyond person without illusions with treatment tax and invalid for its in case that, he were more annoying with its doctor who simply only asked for excuses and she said to it that its tumor is malignant.