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Bad Misunderstanding

The devil is one of the Gypsy Tarot cards which will perhaps understand less, like the death. In our modern world don’t like us to believe that there is a seed of evil or negativity within people. For this reason, you tend to think that everything bad that happens is the work of the devil, character to be feared and avoided. But the reality is that people do bad things not by a strange force that seizes control of their actions. Human beings are capable of evil because evil is expressing his own personality. Denying the malignant side of each is give it a power that then we will destroy.

The objective of the symbolism of the devil is mocking the two previous arcana major arcana family: lovers and the high priest. The most obvious is the mockery towards lovers. While the figure on lovers man and woman are blessed by divinity, expressed as a superior force represented by the angel, as can be seen in the devil, although here is the evil that curses the union, and they are the men and women United by heavy chains: the of lust and ignorance. The hand of the devil imitates the gesture of the high priest, but by altering its meaning. Wisdom, which embodies the devil is seeking to do harm to others, and which in fact cannot be called her wisdom. The devil is not a force that attacks from the outside, but a cancer that devours from inside.

When he is present, all, transforms, you perverts. To put ourselves at the service of the devil inside, we do also with other forces of the outside world that control us. We are allowing this way both our creativity and our energy to become against our. But there is no one to blame, but to ourselves. We should not think that we are victims, nor that we are helpless, but rather that this happens due to a lack of self-control. Indeed, if we look carefully the illustration of this Arcanum of the tarot gitano, we will see that strings are amply loose as to which persons may escape his yoke when they want to. It is necessary to only have the determination and courage to overcome to the most formidable enemy: ourselves.

Spiritual Soul

There are reasons for which the majority of the people fears to him to the gypsy tarot, and are by its disposition (or supposed disposition), to announce infortunios and wrecks. Nevertheless, it is necessary to include/understand that the tarot is net spiritual, a form to apprehend the human soul, and it is related mainly to material spiritual questions before. This way, when the tarot speaks to us of destruction, or tragedies, not necessarily they tendran that to see with a lost material. Such concept is clear expressed when analyzing the meaning of the tower, one of the arcane feared majors but. When it is accepted and the welcome occurs to the divine sabidura, the illumination runs like ro calm. But when the wisdom influence is blocked, energy and usually it breaks like a giant wave that squashes everything to its step, including a that receives that wisdom. The energy of the tower is destructive and creative simultaneously. It is precise, frequently, to demolish the old woman constructions to give rise to new buildings.

Equal principle is due to apply this arcane one. Deberan to give in the old woman attitudes and the beliefs archaic, although we do not like. When we tried to cling to the old woman objects that must be removed, the way is ms painful much. Therefore it is precise to confront these moments of change with abierta mentality, being known that it is much what we will lose, but ms is much what we will win. At first, leaving these old woman concepts can cause a great fear, but he is urgent to know how that in a moment we will return to be totally safe, instead of to put all our faith in which no longer it serves to us. the possibility of beginning and of obtaining again what there are lost. As if one was to desmalezar a field with fire, in a moment we will see as of the fertile Earth it begins to bring forth new life. In many occasions the wisdom must much more be forced on the individual, bringing this way the necessary learning pain and grief. It is essential to take the appearance from the tower like a warning, a voice that says to us that the change is inevitable, and that to be much more favorable for us we are preparations to embrace it.