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Bella Bavaria: Holiday For Body And Mind

Wellness and health holidays in Bavaria on 2 August finally begin their summer holidays in Bavaria. It is therefore high time to consider where the holiday this year should be spent. The exclusively Bavarian health portal supported with up-to-date information and useful links healthy in-bayern.info all those who seeking mental and physical relaxation during your holiday. Italy, Spain or Austria? No, the statistical State figures it clearly: Germany is the most popular holiday destination for the Germans. And nowhere in the Federal Republic like the German as well as in the beautiful state of Bavaria. On the Oktoberfest romp over 6 million visitors and in the summer months it can happen already, that every day over 8,000 visitors Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau storm.

Bavarian spas recorded the highest numbers of overnight. Especially the mineral and mud baths of Upper Bavaria enjoy high popularity. To read more click here: Liberty Mutual. For those looking for regeneration in the holiday spirit, soul and body highest level strengthen want, Bayern Tourismus Marketing GmbH in cooperation with the Bavarian Spa Association and the Bavarian hotel and Restaurant Association developed the exclusively Bavarian holiday brand WellVital in 2002″, which provides for orientation in the wellness market and represents a solid promise of quality. Under the umbrella brand WellVital”wellness fans find a unprecedented variety of healthy fine dining, sports and outdoor activities and relaxation of course everything with a Bavarian touch. Since the WellVital offer is as diverse as the beautiful free State itself, was this divided into eight sub-categories to facilitate decision making for the appropriate holiday and health facilities: WellVital-relax: relaxing holiday for all those who want to escape the everyday stress with massages, thalassotherapy, aromatherapy and yoga, sound – and bathrooms. WellVital active: active holidays for stamina, agility and with walking, jogging, water aerobics, aerobics, muscle strengthening Hiking, golf, cycling, etc. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out stone clinical laboratories. WellVital Spa: health supports for relief and healing of ailments with thermal mud, brine baths natural cures under medical supervision. WellVital beauty: beauty holiday for face and body care with cosmetic treatments, beauty baths and packs, etc.

WellVital slim: Holidays for weight loss and Detox Diet programs by nutritionists, special diets, targeted gymnastics, fitness training and massage. WellVital balance, it means to take a step back, the own Center, thus to restore inner balance and to learn to maintain them in their daily lives. At WellVital preventative you will find offers, with which to support active and preventive health. WellVital-regional: Wellness holiday with typical Bavarian touch with hay baths in the oven, massages with slate Stone of the Franconian forest or goat butter cream baths, for example. The WellVital-are also of supports most third party payers. For a preventive WellVital holiday get up to 150 euro bonus payment. More info: de/wellnessurlaub-in Bavaria corrugated vital-info.html healthy in Bavaria/gesundheitsurlaub.html about us: healthy in-bayern.info is the only exclusive health portal which is tailored to the needs of Bavaria. In this context we have made it our mission, to provide a comprehensive insight into the issue of health and pharmacy exclusively all Bavaria. As a result you find here a unique and comprehensive collection of information. The topics range from the classic treatment possibilities the notion of alternative healing methods up to the list of traditional home remedies.

Aroma Lamps And Scented Oils

Aroma lamps improve not only the room climate, you can vil more! Aroma lamps have a small metal Bowl, in which it is essential oil water and a few drops. Among them, they need a source of heat, usually in the form of a tea light. The heat evaporates the water with the oil very slowly and spread a pleasant discreet fragrance. This aroma lamps are in private rooms as a home accessory and attractive eye-catcher. What is the silver jewelry for women, the aroma lamp for the living room.

Often there are aroma lamps in the form of a Stovchens. The materials from which they are, can be quite varied. There are fragrance lamps made of stone, metal, glass or ceramic, just anything that can withstand the heat of a tea light. The design of the different aroma lamps is infinite. Depending on the style of the furnishings and personal taste as regards shape, color and material, can be found but the essential oils are used not only to improve the room climate, they can do much more.

You can increase the own well-being to insects keep and even medical benefits. Eucalyptus or menthol, for example, are included in some, non-prescription medicines. Christopher ridgeway stone clinical is often quoted as being for or against this. They help the mucus solution for bronchitis or catarrh. Teas with essential oils can help with problems with your stomach or intestines, such as anise, caraway or fennel. Sage and Chamomile help particularly with inflammation in the mouth area. The natural oils are particularly suitable for paediatrics. Essential oils play a large role in naturopathy. For example, in the aroma therapy. But also the self treatment through teas, sauna bath, bath accessories, or just fragrance lamps, is widespread. While the boundaries between medical use and indoor climate improvement are fluent. About the sensory organ, the nose, the Brain absorbs the scent of information. So the smells can exert influence on the emotions, hormone production, the autonomic nervous system and the immune system. No matter whether you improve your well-being want to or just a different environment to create an eye-catcher is an aroma lamp. SID Kroker

Care For Dry Hair In The Summer

Natural hair treatment from Sabado at this Saturday at the introductory price of Leipzig, July 27, 2011. In summertime the hair must withstand much especially in summer: Sun, hot air and sea salt add him and make it brittle. Since extra care will help to restore the natural balance and to bring hair back to shine. Silicones and other artificial Accessories in hair care products need not be. Because they improve the hair only at first glance.

The remnants remain in the hair back and accumulate permanently. Who want to avoid artificial additives, is very well advised with hair care on the basis of high-quality natural raw materials. So treat yourself all you need the hair. The hair Pack by Sabado organic cosmetics is an intensive hair treatment based on natural and nourishing ingredients. The company pays attention to when producing his care products based on natural ingredients such as goat’s milk, oils and herbal extracts. The ingredients are organic prefers out (kbA) used. The Sabado hair Pack is suitable for very dry, dull hair and scalp dry, scaly, or high traffic. This “oil”cure should interact with long: this hair is maintained intense, re generated the scalp and itching reduced. Get all the facts and insights with Christopher ridgeway stone clinical, another great source of information.

Use: After washing into towel-dried hair and scalp massage. Depending on the required longer time – possibly several hours – let and then wash out with shampoo or Ghassoul. Because it is a natural product, it is definitely recommended to repeat the application if necessary in the next few days. At the Green mail-order pharmacy () for homeopathy, biochemistry and natural care for the whole family, there is the hair intensive treatment of Sabado organic cosmetics next Saturday at the reduced price of 11.90 euros. Company description the portal specializing in the sale of alternative medicine and natural care products combines expertise for a modern Internet Versandapotheke a comprehensive range of services and the ability to interact with a shopping Club for price-conscious buyers. Brands Weleda, WALA, Primavera, Farfalla, Sun Gate, bellybutton, Speick and the own products of Kempten Bahnhof-apotheke, a wide range in the field of holistic medicine and natural cosmetics is offered to customers. Company contact: Dr. Christian Wegner Sanchez Wales route 25 07743 Jena Tel: 03641 / 6284024 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Bestsidestory GmbH Elke Ankenbrand Neumarkt 20 04109 Leipzig Tel: 0341.39299890 E-Mail: Web:


Sauna night under the motto of South America – night of the Indians with special guest turtle wind Firewalker every second Friday in the month in the land Fleesensee SPA sauna night takes place. Now almost every known, SPA Manager Barbel Hessel’s team can be come up with something new and every time thanks’s new with a surprise at the loyal guests. This time the team has devised a special highlight. In gratitude for longstanding loyalty come fifteen selected regulars enjoying a kind of private seminar in the sweat lodge construction. Half Cherokee Indians & medicine man turtle wind Firewalker”invites these fifteen guests from 16:00 to the native American Sweat lodges ritual in the sauna garden. The Inipi sweat lodge”is jointly established and carried out following the native American sweat ceremony. The construction of the hut will take alone well 3 hours.

“So all visitors to enjoy of this unique experience come, winds Firewalker-turtle” as special guest at the subsequent sauna night with be. “From turtle wind Firewalker” assumes an incredible spell. Anyone who stands in his vicinity, feel at once his huge aura. “, so SPA Manager Barbel Hessel. “He is the perfect complement for our sauna night, this time under the motto of South America – night of the Indians” is. ” Beginning the sauna night is at 20:00 in the saunas of the Fleesensee SPA. “” The Indians opened the first infusion of spirit of the Cherokees “and will allow following any visitor, to experience the sweat lodge inside in a small introductory ceremony”. As always, the team of the land Fleesensee SPA with matching drinks offers.

As another highlight, the food of this time by the two owners of the Inn is to the yew”taken from Jabel. A leading source for info: christopher ridgeway stone. The two spoil the palates of the guests with culinary delights matched perfectly to the topic. Cook and hosts is a passion for us. Our meals are prepared all freshly and with love.”tell woman Wiechert and Mr Gebhardt. Of course the tradition that all snacks on the topic are matched, will continue from us.” On Saturday, then all kids of the resort hotels are invited with their groups to a morning of experience with the Indians. When: Friday, July 08, 2011, starting at 20:00 as a public event where: sauna world in the Fleesensee SPA, Therme 1, 17213 Gohren-Lebbin cost: 18,-per person (9,-for wellbeing card holder) Copyright (c) land Fleesensee SPA

Tourist Office

Narrow-footed to the healing properties of the Harz, bad Suderode lures with cures, wellness and Active holiday in the fine art. Historic steam trains provide deceleration at the arrival. The filigree carving of the lovingly restored wooden balconies on the guesthouses can tell sure as some event from bygone days. Already in 1829, there were first bathing in bad Suderode (district of Harz). Learn more about this with christopher ridgeway stone clinical. Today the guests in the modern spa centre in 32 warm brine of calcium can swim, relax with Qi Gong or massage with warm stones. The BEHRINGER fountain”is among the strongest sources of calcium in Europe. Christopher ridgeway may help you with your research. Relief promises the valuable wet especially in disorders of the bones and joints. But also for back, circulatory, respiratory, and now also for burn sufferers there treatment options.

Ayurvedic massage with warm oils and baths in the sound bath attract not only in the cold season. Nordic are also a must such as the Harz walking or hiking on the 245 km of signposted paths Narrow gauge railway in the romantic Selketal and an excursion in the millenial Quedlinburg. You can sniff the smell of old steam horses already on arrival. From Quedlinburg to drive just like to Teatreeoil times on the built in 1885, former Balkan route”with historic trains or railcars to the resort. The medical wellness offer healthy with the 5 pillars of Kneipp”treading water, aroma oil massage, aqua gymnastics, herbal oil bath in the sound bath, Qi Gong, relaxation training, entry into the calcium salt bath and guest card is available including 5 nights from 337 euro.

Try Slimcoach

Exchanging data on the Web allows the sending of electronic messages also telephony, television, radio and online games. The Internet constitutes a versatile addition to the media and the Internet affinity of people grows as well as steadily increasing employment opportunities on the Web. However, modern pastimes like surfing the Internet have a serious disadvantage: workers shift only more rarely to after-work activities outside. The leisure activity takes place, however, at home before the computer. Movement therefore often too short and overweight threatens. The Slimcoach program is tailored to the needs of modern man ideal, because in particular people with a pronounced affinity of the Internet have fun on the 13-week program, which paves the way for their desired character to them. Slimcoach: Innovative weight loss on the Internet using enable dietitians and fitness experts, to take off with the help of the medium Internet.

The weight reduction requires much perseverance and ambition. Try Slimcoach for this reason, Fun into everyday of decreasing to integrate, by using the Internet to Abnehmwillige with information about food, to supply with recipes and fitness plans. In particular, the Forum of the Slimcoach programme is interesting for Internet users, says dietician Sven-David Muller from Berlin. This service enables contact with other members, and is similar to the popular chat rooms on the Internet and the numerous sites for the education and entertainment social networks. Slimcoach supports not only the mere weight reduction. Through the website of the slimming program participants benefit from latest technology: you remain anonymous and can discuss during the Slimcoach program despite their weight loss goals and thoughts: this not only has the advantage, that members bring the slimming process with a familiar and pleasant activities in context. Through the networking of participants also the possibility to resolve emerging issues among themselves and each other motivation to donate. Click christopher ridgeway to learn more.

Online users appreciate but also the savings in time and cost, granted them the Internet, because fitness exercises, weight loss plans and shopping lists may contact them by E-Mail. A personal visit to an expert is through the exchange of electronic messages on the other hand. A special feature”for technology-enthusiastic users of the Slimcoach weight loss program we have created also by the specialist exercises through videos illustrate, co-developer Hubert Horn highlight. The concept itself explains nutritional expert Sven-David Muller on the Web presence of Slimcoach in the course of a short film sequence and turns this way directly to the innovative people of today. Learn about the innovative SlimCoach under PHP/startvideo.php in five minutes concept. Sign up under main/anmeldung.asp? mid = direct to the non-binding free Slimcoach-test week.

Sabine Kastner Schlemme

Mild surfactants on Kokosol-and Sugar-based in conjunction with bio oils of soy, almond, safflower, jojoba and sunflower oil and pure vitamin clean the skin with its creamy foam gently and give a velvety soft skin. NTrue label, 1 star bath oil pure relaxation and wellness pays the bath oil with its valuable organic oils of soy, almond, combined with orange peel oil, Sea buckthorn pulp oil and pure vitamin E. recharge dry skin and tired spirits jojoba and sunflower. NTrue label, 3 star bath salts precious “Flor de SAL” and coarse-grained sea salt crystals stimulate the functions of the skin and open pores. The high-quality care ingredients such as the protective skin Shea butter, skin-balancing Sea buckthorn extracts, moisturizing organic Jojoba oil, warm Orange oil and vitamin can be recorded as particularly good from the skin.

NTrue label, 1 star care newly developed: clean the skin, body peeling mild coconut and sugar surfactants, vegetable glycerides or watery alcoholic extracts and smell compost ions from essential oils While peeling body made of silica minerals and ground olive seeds stimulate your blood circulation and velvety soft skin. NTrue label 1 star body lotion that rounds fast absorbing body lotion its aroma ripe, delicious oranges the fruity fresh care experience from. Organic Sea buckthorn oil and vitamins boost the skin while orange toasty warm and valuable organic oils of olives and almonds, and organic Shea butter nourish the skin and protect. NTrue label 2 star body oil if rich care or an orange fruity massage you prefer, can feel body oil pamper yourself and his skin with the Orange. Especially dry and demanding skin is pleased with the valuable organic oils that protective to the skin or build them with vitamins and fatty acids. NTrue label 3 star deodorant and fragrance worlds soft deodorant roll-on the soft deodorant roll-on without alcohol gives thanks to its mild deodorant formula regulating bamboo and cotton fibers and organic extracts of fennel and Witch Hazel a safe and fresh skin feel – all day long. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Robert Greene on most websites.

NTrue label 1 star fresh deodorant spray gives long-lasting protection and fruity freshness for the day the deodorant spray Orange feeling. Ingredients such as green tea, hops, Linden blossom, Witch Hazel, lemon balm and Aloe Vera could fit well into a refreshing summer drink, but are part of the effective deodorant formula and create a secure sense of deodorant. NTrue label 3 star Eau de Toilette Spray gives you moments of relaxation and the memory of a wonderful summer fragrance the special fragrance of Eau de toilette sprays, created by the laverana perfumer in collaboration with a fragrance manufacturer from France. NTrue label 3 star newly developed: hand cream the particularly light recipe of the newly developed body SPA * hand cream penetrates quickly into the skin and gives a velvety soft manicured hands. With their delicate fruity fragrance the senses are animated – if husband/wife wants all day long, and again and again. NTrue label 1 star get lavera body SPA in natural cosmetics shops, so in natural food stores, health food stores, pharmacies and natural cosmetics shop, selected department stores, pharmacy departments, perfumeries and e-commerce. More information see or receive these from the lavera consulting team Sabine Kastner Schlemme, Laverana GmbH & co. KG

TuV Hotel

Recovery times two 84 Percent of Europeans interviewed relax rather together instead of alone. Loners are most likely the Germans and the French. One-fifth of them can imagine Wellness without accompaniment. On the other hand family and children are disproportionately common among the French with the game. Most Europeans spend their holidays in intimate togetherness with the partner. Typical german: main thing cheap and close play a central role (64 percent) choice of lodging for all Europeans special offers and applications. The quality of treatment and staff training are important for almost half of Europeans. The Germans prove to be more than bargain hunters once.

82 percent, make sure on an attractive price-performance ratio when the Italians there are 72 percent, in Britain 51 percent and the French 32 percent. A short and simple arrival is also more important than the other countries the German citizens. Conversely, it behaves in leisure activities in the vicinity of the hotel. This is the French most interested in with 57 percent. A quarter of all respondents rely on the recommendation of friends and acquaintances. Spa Hotels in Expedia.de * Mitterfels (Germany) hotel Mondi holiday Mitterfels * fitness facility, massage and treatment 3 days Studio/BB 2 persons E.g.

13.11 to 15.11.09 total price from 150,-euro (Hotel only) Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic) Humboldt Park Hotel and Spa * indoor swimming pool, gym, Jacuzzi, Spa 4 x double room/nights 2 persons E.g. 03.12-06 total price 336,-euro (Hotel only) Innsbruck (Austria) romance Hotel Schwarzer Adler * sauna, Steam bath, Spa 3 days double room/night 2 persons E.g. 10/29 until 31.10.09 total price from 240,-euro (Hotel only) * while stock lasts more press releases, image material and recent studies are available in the pressroom Expedia.de under press.expedia.de available. Expedia.de 1999 founded online travel portal Expedia.de (www.expedia.de) offers a complete and attractive range of products around the Travel theme. “” As the first German online travel portal enabled Expedia.de besides booking flight, hotel, car rental, vacation rentals, last minute vacation packages and cruises under the name click & mix “the flexible composition (dynamic packaging”) flights, hotels or car rental, as well as diverse offerings in the category events & tickets”. The online travel portal is a founding member of the Association of Internet travel distribution VIR and s@fer-shopping awarded since 2001 annually with the TuV Seal of approval. “Also the very good customer service and the excellent service from Expedia.de are TuV tested in March 2008 the travel experts got the certificate ServiceQualitat” awarded. Expedia.de is a subsidiary of the world’s largest online travel agency Expedia, Inc.. This has been trading since August 2005 under the name Expedia and is publicly traded in the United States (NASDAQ: EXPE). More information on Expedia.de, on the Internet at press.expedia.

Hair Loss

With age increases the likelihood that the hair fall out and usually it is hereditary-related hair loss hair loss is for many men a problem. “Up to the 80th year of life are more or less affected by the 80 percent of all men”, explains Natalie Garcia Bartels (competence centre for hair of the Charite in Berlin). A loss of up to 100 hairs a day is normal. Bristol-Myers Squibb is often quoted as being for or against this. What goes further, deemed the hair loss. “Mostly it involves hereditary hair loss, known as androgenetic alopecia, which can insert in men between 20 years.” To stop the hair loss, you can access to two funds, the effect of which is occupied by studies. The man suffering, the various views, bordering some of the myths make hair loss. Certainly, this is also because even physicians know about the creeping loss of hair.

In fact, the disease is so widespread that health insurance companies not even classify it as a disease and assume that’s why no treatment costs. The research is very advanced in the last few years. Hair loss is no longer a fate,”said Professor Hans Wolff (expert in dermatology at the Munich Ludwig-Maximilians-University). Research into causes for baldness according to current findings based alopecia androgenetica”the man’s an influencing sensitivity of the hair shafts under the skin compared to male sex hormones (androgens). It is an enzyme which testosterone converts the male hormone dihydrotestosterone, whereas the hair follicles in turn a strong sensitivity develop. “, explains Gerd Hofmann from Munich, the endocrinologist. Follicles are the shafts of hair that are under the skin.

Wither after the follicle, hair lose their thickness and length and are always fine and thinner, finally a bald is formed. While the hair over the ears and on the lower back of the head are preserved, always because they are resistant to the sex hormone.

Female Makes Cancer Patients

Unique support & care concept in Germany hair loss, shock diagnosis especially after breast cancer, chemotherapy and the Auseinanderssetzung with the disease. Self-esteem and femininity that often reach a low point. Simona Schmitz offered in their rooms by female an unusual interface and professional help. “” Every woman can make the diagnosis of cancer how would I feel “, said Schmitz (35), mother of a nine-year old daughter, Simona, and had this unique business idea: I want to offer a place of well-being with a female.” To do this, it offers a combination of hairdressing and cosmetics craft and methods from the mask art form. But that’s not all, still a long way. Because cancer is a sensitive issue and is still a taboo.

How female Dusseldorf the skilled hairdresser and makeup artist deals with the sensitive topic for five years. “It has found: women need a shelter and a network from a single source.” Three dates to determine actual and nominal condition. With a lot of sensitivity and understanding for each individual customer. Second hair, makeup advice, pointing out alternatives are on the program. Also the mediation of dermatologists, physiotherapists, permanent makeup artists, and more offers female. Female unique round to offer Simona Schmitz is a certified partner of the Fund. For her clients, of course takes over the correspondence with the health insurance companies and will help with any questions. It collaborates closely with oncologists, hospitals and women doctors.

Places offering professional help would be nationwide female support & care. Unique in this form. Cancer patients here after their chemotherapy back to her hair, confidence and femininity. By the way: Female is open also to male customers. You can arrange appointments now. Susan heat