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If you have accessed this article is because you want to know about the popular law of attraction. Let me tell you that maybe what I am about to tell you will not be to your liking, if what you want is a magic formula that allows you to believe that you are the reincarnation of a famous character or that King Midas codeaba with you on an alternate plane of existence. This article covers the law of attraction in a way not esoteric, but no less profound and revelatory. Let’s define the law of attraction: the law of attraction: law that exposes that there is an attraction of that in what we think. At this point I must nuance. We don’t talk of thoughts, or in other words if you think the aircraft in which you are travelling will fall, would fall quickly. We’ll talk at this point of belief and how these affect your daily life, as your beliefs are which feed the attraction that speaks this law, not thoughts.

In any case, semantics is just semantics, the important thing is what holds the word, not the word itself. Life is a spectrum, that is the truth. There is an infinity of possibilities in the present time in which you live, and the way how these possibilities become one in particular is by your beliefs. It’s like looking at the world with a pair of glasses that they have multiple lenses, and each of those lenses define the world and the possibilities that are presented. Put another way, the set of beliefs determine the set of possibilities at any given time. What I can tell is another way of seeing the law of attraction, in which we understand that the manifestation of what we want not depends entirely on thinking over and over again in money or fame, but in the beliefs we have about these issues.

For example, if we believe that money is a vile metal, we are the concept of money, and therefore somehow negatively perceiving filtering our experience according to this belief. The key lies in perception. You do not perceive a solid world, but that you moldeas a flexible world through how perceive you. To manifest, you must pay attention to your beliefs about how it works the world and work on them. Above all, look at how you see the reality. It is something external and unchangeable reality? If so, it is possible that it complicated the law of attraction to work for you, and say is problematic and difficult. On the other hand, if perceive it reality as one in which this Act applies, and does so consistently, you will manifest more and more rapidly, in an accelerated process of self-knowledge. So, everything is based on studying how to perceive the world, what they believe to be true in the here and now that is all that surrounds you. Changing that perception and tell me what happens to the world. Original author and source of the article.