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Eva Mendes Sexy For Calvin Klein

The actress enjoys after their Rehaaufenthalt their lives back the low-fat craze draws his circles. Many models have already died. Now, what is being done about it. Provisions that prescribe how old and the model should be at least as difficult. This is a first step in the right direction.

Now drag the fashion houses. Calvin Klein now supports a campaign, which promotes a healthy weight at models and which draws attention to the dangers of Bulemie and anorexia. Eva Mendes, who never has a bad character, is the small face. The actress has even a hard time behind him. She has given a break in a Rehaanstalt recently. Which did you apparently really good and which have also helped her seems. We hope that this campaign is also a good step in the right direction, because skinny models are also definitely not a role model for women and not for men. Lisa Walters

Amy Winehouse – The Husband Should For 27 Months In Prison

Blake Fielder Civiel was guilty speaking that was probably a shock to Amy Winehouse. Now, her husband was sentenced to 27 months in prison. He was convicted of aggravated assault in a bar owner. Aggravated the whole situation has become still, when first came out, the bar owner Blake Fielder-Civil had offered money, so that he drops the display. It should have been money also a fairly large rod. More specifically to 400,000 dollars.

Not a small sum. Maybe even an admission of guilt for the judges. The judge said at the hearing that this behavior by Blake Fielder-Civil was “shameful and cowardly”. Fielder-Civil, who since January in jail, and consider his lawyer even if they should go to appeal. Amy Winehouse’s father would be happy if Blake would make a rehab, if he will come out of prison.

“If he comes out and both so continue as in the past, then that brings great health risks. He perhaps can handle his life, but Amy does not. You will die out if nothing changes.” True words of the father. Well, now Fielder-Civil’s firstonce in jail. Lisa Walters