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Osteoarthritis Knee

Treatment of arthritis and osteoarthritis in the German Arthritis (Arthritis) – a general medical term used to refer to Germany in diseases of the joints caused by inflammation of the synovial membrane (Synovialis). Synovium – a thin dense membrane composed of endothelial cells and loose fibrous connective tissue unformed, which lines the inner surface of the joints and ligaments sumochnoy distinguishes synovial fluid yellow color, which serves to reduce friction between the articular ends kostey.Artroz (Arthrose) – a medical term that denotes a degenerative joint disease, expressed in chronic wear and fracture cartilage covering the joints of the bones, pathological changes in the joint capsule and synovial membrane, which ultimately leads to bone deformities. Details can be found by clicking is fracking safe or emailing the administrator. German doctors produce 52 kinds of arthritis of various joints of the bones. On arthrosis frequency of manifestations often exposed cartilage joints of the spine, then the knee, hip and shoulder. Osteoarthritis of the knee (Gonarthrose) According to the directives of the German osteochondrosis dissecans, exogenous infections, systemic infections (eg Lyme disease), obesity, excessive load on the knee at work and in sporting activities, displaziya.Vrozhdennye deviation axis of the knee and nog.Neyasnye idiomatic prichiny.Vazhnye circumstances that may affect the development of knee osteoarthritis: poorly performed surgery on the knee joints and blood sosudahpredyduschie thrombosis, allergy (On drugs, CoCr, Ni, PMMA, etc.), hip replacement at other joints, recurrent urinary puteypredyduschie arthroscopy on his knee, scars, intra inektsiipriem drugs: drugs to thin the blood (for example, hormone and aspirin), anticoagulants, coumarins, hormones, drugs for treating diabetes containing metforminvenoznye and arterial disease, infections, local skin lesions, allergies, obesity, osteoporosis prevention and prevention of knee osteoarthritis: the restoration of joint congruence and stability of ligaments after an injury, avoid excessive stress at work during the occupation sports, exercise and sports, do not cause stress on the knee joints, using gentle methods refiksatsii or resection during surgery on the meniscus, a corrective osteotomy at the strain, weight loss, Timely treatment of inflammatory and rheumatic diseases, osteochondral reconstruction operations, timely surgery for infection in the joints.


This disease belongs to the Leukemia and usually accompanied by a proliferation of other germs blood, resulting in an increase in the blood is found not only erythrocytes, but an increase in white blood cells and platelets, leading to leukocytosis and thrombocytosis. 2. Secondary polycythemia in turn are divided into: Physiological absolute polycythemia. It is based on physiologically due to the increase in red blood cells (hemoglobin) during prolonged hypoxia, which is associated with the need to increase the supply of oxygen to the body. Physiological secondary absolute erythrocytosis developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, altitude sickness, congenital 'blue' heart defects, karboksigemoglobinemii (the hard-core smokers), hemoglobinopathies with increased affinity of hemoglobin for oxygen deficit of 2,3-diphosphoglycerate in . secondary polycythemia absolute. It is developed for diseases that are directly or indirectly lead to abnormal excessive stimulation cerebellar hemangioblastoma, hepatoma, cancer and cerebral cortical layers of the adrenal, pituitary adenomas and cysts, maskuliniziruyuschie ovarian tumors, renal cysts, hydronephrosis, nephrotic syndrome, chronic hemodialysis, blood at a given relative polycythemia, so their total number does not change, and increasing the ratio of red blood cells to blood volume due to haemoconcentration, ie increased hematocrit levels. This polycythemia occurs when dehydration, such as vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, excessive taking diuretics, burn patients, shocked..

Heat Stroke

Heat stroke occurs – overheating of the body. It may also happen to those who perform heavy physical work in hot weather. Sunstroke – the result of direct exposure to sunlight with CNS. Sunstroke affects those who spends many hours in the sun with their heads uncovered. 3.Vidimy portion of the spectrum has a wavelength from 400 to 760 nanometers. These waves are a particular irritant of the vision. Light is a necessary condition of eyes.

The light stimulates the activity of human body, increases metabolism, improves overall health, improves performance. The body is affected by the different colors of flowers. In this regard, there are warm colors ( yellow, orange, red) and cold colors (blue, indigo, violet). Cold and warm colors have different physiological effects on the body. Warm colors increase muscle tension, raises blood pressure, speeds up the rhythm of breathing.

Cool tones lower blood pressure, slow heart rate and breathing. In the last decades have seen a significant increase in solar activity, although many of this and not know it. If the increased UV flux and the inability of the ozone layer resist this humanity is subjected to a stronger influence of solar radiation. Skin cells are not able to resist and fail. Hence the observed surge in malignant tumors of the skin. It's time to change people's attitude to the sun. Prolonged stay of people in the sun with unprotected skin can result in health problems in the future. This is especially true children. The more children received a child of solar radiation, the greater the likelihood of developing skin cancer later in life. Sunburns also increase the risk of the disease. Lyubiteleypozagorat But still nothing will not stop.

Consulting Neurologist

The Internet offers many free consultation of physicians of various specialties. But often we do not know what a doctor should be specialized to address a specific disease. In this article we describe what neuroscience, which treats the doctor – neurologist and what problems should access it. Neurology – the science of diseases of the central (brain and spinal cord) and peripheral (nerve fibers) nervous systems and methods for their treatment and diagnosis. The modern name of the doctor’s specialty: neurologist (neurologist – obsolete). Neurologist (neurologist) – a doctor who has completed higher medical education and past specialization in neurology. Neurologist treating and diagnosing diseases that have no direct connection with changes in the mental area.

This is a disease of the central and peripheral nervous system. Many of these doctor not only in neurological but also in the whole medical practice, is a headache. From time to time it is experiencing 70% of the world’s population, with most people taking painkillers, without even trying find out the cause. Recurrent and chronic headache may be caused by depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, stress, vascular changes, atherosclerosis, and diseases musculoskeletal system. Headache may be the leading, and sometimes the only symptom of a more than 50 diseases, so it is important to find its cause.

Cancer Causes

In a normal healthy body every day there and destroyed a huge number of modified (potentially cancerous) cells. Organism without any problems, it is easy to cope with it. This compares with a factory producing any product (in this case, the new cells). Production put on stream, that is, a living conveyor. As in any large factory, part of the product is rejected immediately. On the other stamp "Verified" status. Note on printing costs are not a sign of quality because the products have been released only the first selection.

The cells should be tested for their functional usefulness, ie the ability to perform its direct responsibilities. Who has not passed, that once the raw material. Amazing, saving the body of its resources and energy. In any production, especially the technical is an implicit marriage. All probably experienced this.

Released with some defective equipment is working normally in general. But there is a defect. And in some very rare cases, when a certain sequence operations defect may occur. Organism, like a good host lavish, no immediately throws defective cells, and gives them the opportunity to finalize before the end. Indeed, the potential pathology of cells can occur under certain rare conditions. And if these conditions will not be, with saving energy, which went to the creation of cells and energy for its destruction. Taking into account that it comes to producing more than one million cells, to almost zero waste production can add tremendous energy savings. How, Then there are tumors? Our body is always present a certain amount of toxins. To direct the body they can get in the first place through consumption of food, then through the air inhaled through the skin or mucous membranes. They also may appear in the body as a result of chemical reactions. For example, the interaction of some products in the colon (before they got there, they were not the toxins), or purulent education in various organs – the result of infection control, etc.

Brain Tumor Removal

several types of malignant brain tumors with aggressive course and is more common in younger people. The tumor revealed by CT or MRI studies and the first stage operation. In the future, the testimony of irradiation and chemotherapy. One of the decisive prognostic factors is the extent of tumor removal during surgery. But it's not so easy. I was approached by a patient 30 years after 1 -, 1.5 months after tumor removal glioblastoma brain and conducted by irradiation. The first question that arose during my part-time correspondence was as follows – what part of the tumor was removed, and what percentage is left? What is written on this subject distinguished in the statement of the Moscow medical establishments? But there was no answer.

After coming to our clinic in Israel, viewing post-operative tomograms and consulting professor, it was found that the tumor was almost removed and fully visible on the postoperative images. Moreover, the unremoved tumor had radiation, which is fundamentally wrong. The need for reoperation has been solved in five minutes, which plunged into a confusion patient wife, "So soon? We have many times the doctors examined and studied, and here so soon? ". In any case, the patient phoned to Moscow, where the professor said: "If you do not want to" become a flower, "the operation is not disagree ". It was intended to damage the brain tissue and to paralyze the man. That was the catch of all such cases, I believe that the actor and his wife Khabensky, too – the minimum distance of a brain tumor for fear of damage to brain tissue. Fear is certainly justified. But the fact is that today there are methods that minimize the possibility of complications, apparently, surgeons operated on before our patients, with them not just familiar.

Brain surgery in Israel after the ad-hoc surveys are conducted under the most difficult computer controlled navigation, multiple screens, installed in the operating room during surgery the patient is not chemotherapy treatment. But the necessary patient exposure we have to, unfortunately, could not, because to our Russian colleagues have already done it. And in vain, because conduct, then it should not for the rest of the tumor, and after alcohol. 2 months after surgery in the community have control MRI study. Recurrent tumor. Patient all the time active and feels fine. I understand the difficulties of treatment abroad. AND