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Eye-catcher On The Breakfast Table

The fresh table butter from Weihenstephan spring embossed adorns the table of Freising – butter is the German favorite spread. In over 70 percent of German households, it stands several times a week on the table. In this country even the State for the consistently high quality of this Kenyan guarantees with the seal of the German brands butter”. 250 grams butter must therefore but not always the same look. The dairy Weihenstephan recognised the importance of high-quality butter for our diets with an elaborate butter embossing. At the fresh table butter Weihenstephan, a spring-fresh flower pattern hides under the classic blue packaging for a short time. The spring butter from Weihenstephan gives a beautifully laid table more festive shine and makes something very special for Easter breakfast with the whole family. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Senator of Massachusetts on most websites.

Particularly refined the award-winning butter of dairy Weihenstephan as homemade spring herb butter is Baked potatoes. A melting pleasure which easily manages and guarantees for enthusiasm. How it is made, is on the back of each pack. The fresh table butter”from Weihenstephan with spring stamping is available now until the end of April at a retail price of 1.29 1.39 in trading. More information about the dairy Weihenstephan and the healthy dairy products can be found on the Internet at about the dairy Weihenstephan: the dairy Weihenstephan GmbH & co.

KG, based in Freising near Munich, is a provider of a wide range of dairy products of the highest quality. The dairy’s monastic roots back to the year 1021. Today, approximately 220 million kg milk are processed every year. Selected farms from the Alps and the alpine foothills provide this high quality raw materials. About 250 employees of the traditional dairy ensure careful processing of fresh milk of the Alps as well as complying with the strict quality criteria. Continuous Development and intensive research provide innovative dairy products that best serve the current and future needs of consumers in the home of Weihenstephan. Contact: Dairy Weihenstephan Akon k Public Relations Manager milky way 1 85367 Freising FON: 08161/17 21 60 fax: 08161/17 25 01 67 E-mail: service plan fire PR Bernhard Fuchs House communication 80250 Munich FON: 089/20 50 4158 fax: 089/20 50 41 51 email:

Mediterranean Cuisine

Healthy eating can be also delicious – and it is possible for everyone. It is known that today many people eat unhealthy. Most people on demand specifying, to want to eat – but expensive unless you wanted what delicious once – healthy and what food is ever healthy? No one should be hold from misconceptions of them to eat healthy. A healthy diet is possible with little time and can be very tasty. Here, we can learn from other areas, namely the Mediterranean cuisine and Asian cuisine or cooking with the wok. The inhabitants of the Mediterranean region have an average life expectancy. Researchers have now found that this is due less to the pleasant climate, but especially the Mediterranean cuisine plays an essential role.

Certainly speak actually of several Mediterranean kitchens, for example, the Spanish, Italian, Greek and Arabic. But too many things they have in common: for example, in the Mediterranean Olive oil preferred used kitchens. Olive oil extract undermines many unsaturated fatty acids that are much healthier than saturated. Extra virgin olive oil from organic farming is particularly healthy. Health effects ascribed to many herbs, spices, and garlic for example, used in the Mediterranean cuisine.

Also wok dishes are particularly healthy. This is due less to the ingredients in the wok Pan you can make almost anything? Rather, it’s the kind of preparation that makes the difference: the wok develops very high temperatures, therefore cooking times are very short and you need much less fat than in a normal pan for frying. The high temperatures have the effect that vegetables, meat and other ingredients when in contact with the hot fat immediately close their pores. As a result, all valuable vitamins remain rather than to vaporize. Through the short cooking times the cooking goes fast – a tip for people with little time. Simon Sundstrom

The Blood

At juice it is necessary on the sugar content make sure to take no unnecessary calories. No harm in eighth on a balanced, vitamin-rich diet alcohol in moderation! Aged alcohol completely refrain from need, is not required. Finally, a good drop of noble wine belongs to the quality of life. 1-2 glasses red wine a day are absolutely prohibited even for heart, a glass sparkling wine stabilizes the circulation and increases the blood pressure. The healthy diet already starts with the purchase! Shop consciously and already make your purchase carefully on the content, and nutritional information for your products. The leaflet”are hints on protein and fat content and calorie information.

So you decide what comes at you on the table. You have the choice, and the consumption of bread with diet butter and low-fat coating you can save already 50% of calories compared to a bread with good”butter and greasy cheese. Confined in the crowd! Set up your food portion plates meet on and enrich them with low-calorie side dishes such as cucumber, tomato, carrot, or fruit. Then you not lose track about the amount. If you eat at the table until you have a satiety, they eat a lot more. So you can eat basically moderate consumption of everything and have to actually give up anything.

as far as not has special restrictions were made for diabetics or people with allergies. The eye eats with! Create a cozy atmosphere for dinner! Every meal can be a feast by festive set the table and decorate nice. Light candles and listen to your favorite music. Take time and enjoy the food you want to eat consciously. Watch your weight! It is advisable to control his weight regularly once a week and be entered in a table. Then it is easier to prevent unwanted weight gain or to counteract. Weight fluctuations can then rebalance the relatively short period of time. By regularly holding of a fruit or rice day you have your desired weight back quickly. Exercise is important! To avoid unwanted weight gain, you should add a lot of movement of healthy, high-fiber retaining, vitamin-rich diet. Regular walks, gymnastics, walking, or dancing also help that you with your weight and your diet feel. IK /

The Cancer

The FDA justified this, that there is no clear evidence for this claim. High cholesterol studies show that green tea lowers total cholesterol and increase HDL (“good” cholesterol) in animals and humans. A clinical study showed that men who drink green tea have rather low total cholesterol values than those who drink a cup of green tea. Results of an experimental study in animals suggest that polyphenols reabsorb it in green tea of cholesterol in the intestine, prevent and help the body to get rid of cholesterol. In another small study with male smokers, researchers found that green tea significantly reduces the harmful LDL-cholesterol in the blood.

Cancer several clinical studies have shown that green tea and black tea may protect against cancer. For example, the cancer rates in countries such as Japan, where people consume regular green tea are very low. However, it is not possible to claim that green tea can actually prevent cancer in people with security. Recent clinical studies indicate that the polyphenols found in tea, especially green tea, play an important role in the prevention of cancer. Also, researchers believe that the polyphenols prevents the growth of cancer cells and can even kill. Bladder cancer. Only a few clinical trials have the relationship between bladder cancer and tea drink studied. In a study that compared people with and without bladder cancer, researchers found that women of the black tea and powdered green tea (Matcha tea) drank less susceptible to the development of bladder cancer were.

A follow-up study of the same group of researchers showed that people had a better 5-year survival rate with bladder cancer – men, in particular – who drank green tea, as those who did not. Breast cancer. Clinical trials in animals and cells in test tubes, suggest that polyphenols in green tea inhibits the growth of breast cancer cells. In a study of 472 women in various stages of breast cancer, researchers found that the women who drank lots of green tea, had the slightest spread of cancer.