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Inverter Conditioners

Not so long ago the market began to gain popularity of air conditioners air conditioners inverter. Every day the number of people who are willing to overpay a little for such conditioning ceases growing. And out of it is not nothing! What is the difference between air conditioning and inverter air conditioners are not equipped with such a system of compressor? The air conditioner compressor inverter without constantly running at maximum capacity, and when you reach the desired temperature is turned off and when it changes again included, that has a bad effect on the compressor (compressor wear, high inrush currents). Unlike conventional air conditioners, air conditioners inverter control compressor is not switched off when the desired temperature, and changes in minimum mode, maintaining a constant temperature in the room. Otsutstvuyut constant switching on and off compressor, which increases compressor life. By tomuzhe blagadarya smooth start and regulation of power while working air conditioners with inverter saves elektroenergiyu (40%). These air conditioners can be installed in homes where prisutstvuet unreliable (outdated) elektroprovodka, which can not withstand the load current and inrush currents of conventional air conditioners. We recommend to put these families with air conditioners young children. Additional Advantages inverter air conditioners are also: – working to-20gradusov outside temperature. – Otsutstvie vibration of the outdoor unit – the noise level is much lower as inner and outer blocks from my own experience you can say with full confidence that if there is extra couple of hundred dollar, the acquisition of air conditioner with an inverter will not be a waste of money. By tomuzhe Inverter air conditioners are working not on frione R-22, which is already zapreschon in Europe because of their harmful properties in relation to man and environment, and in its modern analogue of R-410a.

Daily Maintenance Skills

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery is the main manufacturer of stone crushing equipment, powder making equipment, sand making equipment and ore beneficiation equipment in China. According to our experiences for many years, the contents of daily maintenance for mining equipment are the followings: 1. To enhance routine inspections for mining equipment and make specific notes including notes past maintenance, replaceable parts records, daily running conditions and working capacities. With these notes and records, mechanical failures can be easily analyzed and estimated to be eventually eliminated timely and correctly. 2 To enhance maintenance affairs for mining equipment to avoid incorrect maintenance and convertor leaking protection. Usually improper maintenance and protection are the main factor causing equipment failure, OS maintenance operations must be enforced. Man for machine management must make efficient maintenance plans according to mechanical maintenance instructions and make technical communications to mechanical operators.

3. To strengthen maintenance management. For example, to set up complete rules for repairmen and maintenance, to perfect mechanical data statistics systems, and to make notes for machine failures. For working people, whatever they work for, clear responsibilities and strict rewards and punishment rules are required. 4 Operators and managers for mining equipment, who must handle conditions timely to make reasonable and specific mechanical maintenance plans, and make instructions and supervisions for maintenance and purchase so as to reduce and avoid unnecessary maintenance affairs and fees. A ball mill is one of the super-fine mill equipments widely used in the industrial production.

It is suitable for grinding various ores and other materials and is widely used in mill run, building materials, and chemical engineering industries. Enhancing Vertical roller mill in cement industry the efficiency of ball mill has close connections with current, stone, the ball formula materials and milling time, and another important factor is that maintain the ball mill in the dairy use. The daily maintenance is very important due to its working requirement and strength, especially the maintenance of the lubricating oil.As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of machinery, such as stone mining Crusher plant, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service. 1 All the lubricating oil in the ball mill after the ball mill operating constantly for a month should be run out. Wash the mill thoroughly and put in new oil. Besides the protecting, change the oil every six months. 2 Check the smoothness and the fuel head of the oil spots in the ball mill at least four hours at time. 3 When the ball mill is in operation, the exotherm of the lubricating oil in the headstock can not be above 55 centigrade. 4 When the ball mill is in normal operation, the exotherm of the drive bearing and Coal mining equipment manufacturers speed reducer should not be above 55 centigrade and the highest is not more than 60 centigrade. 5 The bull gear and the pinion drive stably without noisy. Adjust the clearance timely when necessary. 6 The ball mill operates smoothly without strong vibrating. 7 The current of the ball mill engine s should be no abnormal wave motion. 8 The connection parts should avoid being flexible and the junction surface should avoid the leakage of oil, water and ore. 9 Add the steel ball in time in according to its degree of wear. 10 Stop using the ball mill and check it once the abnormal situations are found.