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Floyd County Cancer Coalition Brings Patients the Resources That They Need

The Floyd County Cancer Coalition was established in response to a need from cancer patients and their loved ones.  There is so much to digest when one first discovers they have cancer; from the deep, all-encompassing, scary, potentially life-threatening thoughts to the more everyday concerns of how in practice everything is going to get done.  The Floyd County Cancer Coalition works with various bureaucratic organizations so that you don’t have to deal with that side; has a large resource of medical information which its clients can access easily; as well as a sympathetic team of workers who will gently take you through your process.

Don’t go it alone.  Use the help that is available.  Hone in on resources that are out there.  So many people want to help and if you use the resources that have been gathered by the Floyd County Cancer Coalition, things might just get a bit easier for you in these troubled times.