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Bladder Cancer

For many thousands of years, man has been using this wonderful oil for medicinal purposes. And science is supporting the benefits of incense. Now science confirms what many people have to be true for centuries. According to studies, enriched extract of the herb incense from Somalia, Boswellia Carteri, is really effective to kill cancer cells in the bladder. Bladder cancer appears two times higher among men than among women in the United States. In fact, bladder cancer is the fourth most common type of cancer among men. The incense oil kills cancer cells of the VejigCon Assistance Center doctor VA from Oklahoma City, researchers at the Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center were arranged to assess properties anti-tumors of incense oil in bladder cancer cells. They noted how frankincense oil affects two different types of cells: a normal human bladder cells, and the a human bladder cancer cells.

Researchers discovered that incense oil had the ability to identify which cells of the bladder in the crop were normal and what were carcinogenic, and then killed the cancer cells of the bladder, leaving without affecting normal cells of the bladder. Because of these discoveries, scientists are confident that frankincense oil can be an economic alternative therapy for patients suffering from bladder cancer, since chemotherapies and radiation are costly and have side effects. Other medical uses for incense apart from oil be effective to kill cancer cells of the bladder, frankincense oil has many medicinal uses. It is known that it promotes mental relaxation and deceleration of breathing. This old oil is also widely used for meditation. Many use frankincense oil to soothe his anxiety, clean your lungs, and give relief to a number of conditions as the asthma, bronchitis, colds, cough, and laryngitis.

Also it is widely used by women as a general tonic for the uterus, particularly to relieve the heavy periods. Incense oil also has a calming effect for women during labour. It is also known that oil Rejuvenates the skin ageing, as well as give relief and heal boils, irritations, wounds, inflammation, and scarring.