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Open Day On 1st September At 14:00 At BMK In Berlin – Teltow

Solid home provider Berlin Massivhaus concept GmbH opens sales office in Teltow the B.M.K. GmbH, a provider of one – and two-family dwellings, opened a new sales office in Teltow “BMK dream home” on September 1st, 2007! Open day”on September 1st, starting at 14:00 in Teltow of the open day Branch Manager Ronny Muller awaits its guests with his five-Member, professional team of consultants from 14:00. All interested parties who are planning the construction of a broadening are invited. In the context of a champagne reception and a small snack the visitors with the current offerings of the solid home specialists can become familiar. Dr. Neal Barnard can provide more clarity in the matter. The base of each House construction is a healthy financing. We create your individual, long-term payment plan based on your financial circumstances you on request free of charge and without obligation, get a finance quote for you, inform funding and assist you in their application, cost side to make sure your construction project. Exciting Promotions as opening offer all interested parties receive the for a B.M.K..-House decide when a construction contract a voucher for a high-quality realizing in the value of up to 5,000 gross free.

The future builders have the possibility between sauna, swimming pool, a hot tub or a tanning bed. The energy-efficient homes are another highlight”B.M.K. GmbH offers its construction prospects. At the conclusion of the construction contract they can get E.g. a Waterkotte system for heating and cooling your home to discounted prices to do so. The address Berlin Massivhaus concept GmbH is: Adeline Street 1 H D 14552 Michendorf OT mountain Heath phone: + 49 (0) 33205 2277-66 fax: + 49 (0) 33205 2277-68 E-Mail: branch: company BMK dream home Potsdamer str. 14 B D-14513 Teltow phone: + 49 (0) 3328 3095-40 fax: + 49 (0) 3328 3095-41 E-Mail:

Botanical Dreams

Online shop opening – natural room decoration for your living room – or your dream house you sometimes of the perfect rose? (His we honestly, this question is probably 98% of us women). What should it look like? Deep red, snow white or pink? What is perfect a rose? The dark green shiny leaves, the unfolding bud that can just hint at the full beauty and: the person who passes it to us in a perfect moment with a gesture and words, which lack nothing to perfection.? And then what? One delights in the blooming of bud, dries the rose might and kept with care it until the next move, then she crumbles mostly broken. And there is the perfection. The love of plants and generally living nature triggered the urge in me to try to understand the life (I am Sabine Loos, 32, Dr. rer.nat.) Dipl. biol..). So began my degree in biology, Elan and joy I worked my way through all possible subjects, which there was.

Most At the end I knew so much, but also realized that more hidden us than has so far been clarified. That led me back to the beginning – nature regarded as whole, not broken down into tiny molecules. We return to our rose. What gets us this reminder? Biology teaches us: fossils tell stories and preserve important characteristics of plants and animals… when the observer emotions trigger. That are on nature in-ton.de you will certainly also when looking at the pottery in our shop. We capture the nature for you.

I can preserve any plant that is dear to you, for you for eternity. In our online shop you will find nature in sound images, mosaic stones and garden decorations, which are unique. Each piece is unique, very appealing resembling a fossil plant. All of me loving hand made. Do you dare! Look at us over at and experience dreamy garden romance. You can almost imagine the scent of roses and lavender… Their Sabine Loos

Smartphone Furniture

As regards the forms, so the development goes away again by straightforward, simple forms, to organic shapes such as ovals. This form is especially when coffee dispensers and smaller tables, which can be used for all functions in every room. Angles and triangles, for example, when the otherwise classic rectangular living wall elements are also on the rise. Alone by means of the bevel of one or two modules, new optics can produce and expand the variety of design of the furniture. Otherwise convince sideboards and living walls by a yet higher functionality. Cable, sockets and connections disappear now completely invisible.

The functionality has been also again improved in the area of upholstered furniture. In addition to different sitting, lying and extract variants is the sofa now Smartphone compatible and allows you to recharge and play the devices while relaxing on the sofa. Also automatic functions of the upholstered furniture offer maximum comfort in other than even last, does not have a Remote control, but controlled by a serene side in the furniture, invisible touch pad a touch are is enough and driving from the sitting to the reclining position. Clearly the trend of open housing”sprung is also the thing that TV modules can be turned completely around 360 degrees. This ensures that one has always a perfect view on the TV no matter in what field of open housing is located. The trend, or the convenience to have the TV in mind at all times, even goes so far, modern benches offer a side pull-out in the flat when not in use will disappear invisibly and simply pulled out when needed and rotated into the correct position. According to comfort, even the dining area is always homely. Benches get the upholstery of sofas and all furniture are based on the designs of classic home furniture. More information, new trends and new furniture highlights below:.