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When anxiety takes possession of it you get to want to skin you alive to remove what you carry inside and that both bothers you. It can manifest itself in many ways, but fundamentally they have two faces: a physics and other cognitive. The physical face of the anxiety itself is already sufficiently disturbing and unpleasant to condition your life. He thinks that you have physical anxiety is like being constantly prepared to run out or have always the feeling inside you that something bad is going to happen. It is as if by the minute you think that a lion will devour you or that, ultimately, your life or physical integrity is in danger. All is quiet, these safe but your mind believes that it is not and have your body to be consistent with this. If your physical integrity is in danger, can not be relaxed.

It is necessary to have the keystrokes above one hundred, breathing choppy, tighten one or more muscle groups and remain hypervigilant to your environment. And all this, carried out without lifting the most minimal suspected in your environment. Relatives, friends, neighbors, passers-by and others humans with which you can interact not detected even one only of the aspects I have just described. If that State of hypervigilance and constant hiperpreocupacion (the physical part) outside little, may (or may not appear) a cognitive anxiety that leads you to a State of inner restlessness that perch this psychological situation to the most high in the list of situations uncomfortable or undesirable. Cognitive anxiety, i.e. everything that is you happens by head in the form of thinking when there is an anxiety process underway, lastra, if fit, the phenomenon. Passing by a walk or a bridge, or lean to a window means that it passes you by the head to that vacuum throw. See a kitchen knife can assume that you it passes through the head unwillingly you can use it against you or other people, usually people close and dear.