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Alfresco Community

We have realised incredible improvements in the capacity of extension of Alfresco and in its yield, besides facilitating to the developers the adaptation and the extension of this platform. Yield for the cloud Alfresco Community 4 increases of significant form the general yield of the system. Between the new functions for implementations of the cloud the following are included: Indexing of high performance: new servant of indices of Alfresco, based on Solr Apache, drastically increases to the yield when separating the indexing of the processes of contents.

Integrated job stream: it automates the enterprise processes in which the main thing is the content with Activiti, the servant of 2,0 enterprise processes BPMN leader in Java and of open code. Grouping in clsteres improved: the grouping in clsteres of Alfresco has improved to increase to the reliability and the scalability, and addition is had the compatibility with CIFS in clster. First platform abierta for the publication in social channels Alfresco 4 includes a new expandable service to publish contents and updates of state in social Web sites, like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr and SlideShare. The integrated social processing allows: A simpler process: the publication of social contents now comprises of a job stream of enterprise contents, so that the problem of the publication is simplified to a great extent in several channels.

Static Field

War, the orcs and humans continue to Warcraft iii. Dota was a card for fun, now is the most famous mod for Warcraft iii. The new version of Dota-allstars emphasis on the development of the characters and their amazing abilities. Update Dota-allstars – it's a multiplayer Card (5×5 players) is designed for team play. Improved animation, added the change of command, visual effects (eg, Static Field, Omnislash) and a big number of artifacts. Teams weather now available to everyone and influence each separately. Among global change: the emergence of new secret shops, game timer, fixed several bugs.

The game became more exciting and requires a thoughtful player campaign. Each player chooses his unique character, and in Dota them over 70, so the main attractions of the game is unique. You're the chosen hero for all time. This will help you a proposed set of artifacts. But the money immediately for all you do not enough. A source for earning here is a military affairs: the net map of violent units and heroes of other clans, you earn money. Participants in the game can be from 2 to 10, Dota-allstars – is, first and foremost, the command map, and hence can help you, and you'll be helping other heroes! Success depends on teamwork team. Something can not come out right, do not worry! Through trial and error, after reading articles and studying the strategy, you will pass this path and become an experienced player!