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Germanwind Medical Valley

Nuremberg businesses allows you to test for telemedicine applications Nuremberg/Berlin, February 2010 the surcharge for the initiative Medical Valley EMN (European metropolitan region Nuremberg) by the Federal Ministry of education and research (BMBF) within the framework of the makes is secured. The medical Valley as one of five winners was awarded with the request, Centre of excellence for medical technology\”. Companies, academic institutions and related institutions regionally across a value chain collaborate in the clusters. \”For the work of the projects, which already belong to the second generation of the top cluster competition, is a support of up to EUR 200 million over a period of five years provided for\”, so Federal Research Minister Annette Schavan. In Nuremberg, the Nash technologies GmbH belongs to the cluster partners.

2008 emerged as a spin-off from the research and development operation from Alcatel-Lucent, designs, tests and supports enterprise software solutions in the fast-growing global mobile sector. Of course we bring our expertise, to develop the medicine technology site here. The excellence cluster promotion is a great opportunity for the region\”, says Karl-Heinz Gabler, Manager responsible for the project at Nash Technologies. The company has products from the second (2 G) a 25 square kilometer large test network, in which up to the last generation of mobile HSPA + (3 G) in the practice test check. \”And benefit from the partners from the field of medical technology: Nash Technologies can effectively support the communication and locating part of the project due to his experience of mobile radio and the integration of system components in its test labs\”, as Gabler. Also introducing our 25 square kilometres large UMTS live network, a unique in Germany test network for extensive testing of telemedicine applications under realistic conditions available.\” Finally, sensitive should Smoothly solutions especially in the area of telemedicine.

NEW! March Starts 6.0 DigiGGV

The innovative tool to create host directories from March 2011 starts 6.0 digiGGV. Compared to its predecessor, the user interface was completely revised and equipped with new, attractive for the customer additional features, such as WYSWYG Editor. The familiar, simple handling for customers has not changed. Many tourism associations invest every year a lot of time and money in creating host directories for your holiday guests. This requires an immense logistical and personnel effort by all involved. Ranging from the collection of data on the topicality of the contact and payment information, and to the different demands of all those involved. You are looking for a simple-to-use online software for creating your host directories? You want only a software to manage your complete hosts directory data? You want to start anew every year? Quality comes first for you? To reduce time and costs? The compliance of Release dates for you an important role? You are innovative and shy away from no new impetus to realize? Then is digiGGV exactly the right online software.

Through the many years of close cooperation with many customers in the tourism industry, as well as the steady and constant further development of this product, it is macro House managed to put a product on the market which 100 requirements and desires of the industry in a database publishing software covers pargraph. “digiGGV is” the “professional online database publishing software to create host directories. digiGGV it creates through a variety special customer requirements tailored to successfully from the competition to stand out features. The most important features at a glance: date base publishing software for print & online media building a comprehensive, up-to-date online database owner with all relevant data and images to each landlord without restriction. Stale records are thus the past cost reduction digiGGV reduces the running costs from the first year! Unique Rental data maintenance at the beginning of the creation of each host directory, can optionally complete this data or selected for the Internet or Facebook uses integrated workflow components will ensure the quality of your hosts ads cost savings through a transparent correction workflow timesaver data from existing systems of wieTomas, Feratel, Touronline etc. can be applied through an intelligent page planning module including archiving function easily in digiGGV the customer has the possibility to produce Association & local editions in different layouts can be an aspect of the mulitchannelfahig accounting (DTAUS) and interfaces to the accounting can easily on digiGGV be handled online catalogs of sheet – each host directory can stand without much effort as online catalog for you and your rental available. Publishing of landlord ads on Facebook, iPad or iPhone additional interfaces can be based on demand and spoke down to the customer “be programmed following customers already successfully use the online software digiGGV Berchtesgadener land Tourismus GmbH Chiemsee Alps Lubeck Travemunde tourism OstseeFjord Schlei Montafon Tourism tourism Tourism Office REIT im Winkl feet tourism Ruhpolding tourist movelo clever cycling without a doubt have benefited from the features mentioned previously all customers and could thus your previous product host directory” produce more efficiently with improved quality! You are curious we have aroused your interest? Then, hesitate no longer, more information to digiGGV get it.

We are from 9-13 March 2011 at the ITB in Berlin. On a visit at our booth 301 in the Bavaria Hall 6.2 B we would be happy. We can arrange also advance a personal consultation appointment. See or 08651 766 66 0 we are at any time at the disposal. Macro Haus GmbH 2011

Managing Director

The institution uses sent the legal grey areas and the ignorance of citizens with threatening gestures, protracted procedures and anonymization strategies to come to success. You sent despite the opposition against their next payment reminders with late payment fees payment, complicates the cancellations, requests payment of fees and sent forced logins without sufficient proof of receptive devices. While she like to reverses the burden of proof: the accused instead of the GEZ has with an affidavit to prove that he has no radios to receive. Also at court hearings, the GEZ has the longer breath. The fee collectors have a modern bureaucracy, to get at the data. To behave properly in unclear situations as a citizen is not easy. “Therefore the certified data protection supervisor Christian Volkmer advises: in cases dealing with personal data in the context of the collection of fees, you should contact a data protection experts and abandon not without a fight.” Www.projekt29.de communicated to the data protection expert Volkmer on issues relating to data protection. Christian Volkmer is one of the few known certified data protection experts in the German-speaking world.

At the age of 18, he founded the company project 29:. After studying computer science and business administration in Regensburg and Darmstadt, the young entrepreneur, born in 1977, is now a lecturer for information security and privacy at the universities of Regensburg and Darmstadt. His expertise is confirmed by the EU certificate IT Compliancemanager according to ISO 17024 and the TuV-tested title privacy auditor. Still, he informed on symposia and lectures on law and technology and the highly sensitive topic of data paging. For questions or interview requests contact anytime the press officers of project 29, Rafael Pilsczek, below 0 170 / 310 79 72. contact: project 29 GmbH & co. KG Trothengasse 5 93047 Regensburg Tel: 0941 / 29 86 93 0 fax: 0941 / 29 86 93 9 E-Mail: Web: of Managing Director: Dipl.-inf.. Christian Volkmer press contact: Rafael R.

Pilsczek, M. a. Tel.: 0 40 / 32 80 89 80 fax: 0 40 / 32 80 89 81 mobile: 0 170 / 310 79 72 since 1996 is the project 29 active GmbH & co. KG in the areas of data protection and information security at the sites in Regensburg, Hamburg, Berlin. Christian Volkmer, managing partner of project 29, is one of the few certified experts on privacy issues for companies in German-speaking countries.