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Osteoarthritis Knee

Treatment of arthritis and osteoarthritis in the German Arthritis (Arthritis) – a general medical term used to refer to Germany in diseases of the joints caused by inflammation of the synovial membrane (Synovialis). Synovium – a thin dense membrane composed of endothelial cells and loose fibrous connective tissue unformed, which lines the inner surface of the joints and ligaments sumochnoy distinguishes synovial fluid yellow color, which serves to reduce friction between the articular ends kostey.Artroz (Arthrose) – a medical term that denotes a degenerative joint disease, expressed in chronic wear and fracture cartilage covering the joints of the bones, pathological changes in the joint capsule and synovial membrane, which ultimately leads to bone deformities. Details can be found by clicking is fracking safe or emailing the administrator. German doctors produce 52 kinds of arthritis of various joints of the bones. On arthrosis frequency of manifestations often exposed cartilage joints of the spine, then the knee, hip and shoulder. Osteoarthritis of the knee (Gonarthrose) According to the directives of the German osteochondrosis dissecans, exogenous infections, systemic infections (eg Lyme disease), obesity, excessive load on the knee at work and in sporting activities, displaziya.Vrozhdennye deviation axis of the knee and nog.Neyasnye idiomatic prichiny.Vazhnye circumstances that may affect the development of knee osteoarthritis: poorly performed surgery on the knee joints and blood sosudahpredyduschie thrombosis, allergy (On drugs, CoCr, Ni, PMMA, etc.), hip replacement at other joints, recurrent urinary puteypredyduschie arthroscopy on his knee, scars, intra inektsiipriem drugs: drugs to thin the blood (for example, hormone and aspirin), anticoagulants, coumarins, hormones, drugs for treating diabetes containing metforminvenoznye and arterial disease, infections, local skin lesions, allergies, obesity, osteoporosis prevention and prevention of knee osteoarthritis: the restoration of joint congruence and stability of ligaments after an injury, avoid excessive stress at work during the occupation sports, exercise and sports, do not cause stress on the knee joints, using gentle methods refiksatsii or resection during surgery on the meniscus, a corrective osteotomy at the strain, weight loss, Timely treatment of inflammatory and rheumatic diseases, osteochondral reconstruction operations, timely surgery for infection in the joints.

Much Body

But few people know that a layer of toxic waste is generated throughout tract from stomach to rectum. But this method only helps clean out the last 5 or 6 feet of your intestines, but not 22 feet small intestine. If you have also appeared in violation of the regularity of items – your health at risk. Look for the little children: they are relieved almost immediately after eating. This is due to displacement of residues of food processing it with a fresh portion.

This mode of the digestive tract considered normal. And as this happens to you? Once a day after every meal? Or once in two days? You wait, straining, tuzhites, or withdrawal of excrement are you without effort? In fact, a very useful free bowels three times a day, but many do it yourself is simply not strong enough. Earlier, people were active, and eating only healthy foods. For them it was commonplace to digest food and remove the remains of the body for 15 hours. Modern man for the times you want to have up to 70 hours! This – the price paid for a sedentary lifestyle and junk food snacks quick! It is hence the much greater risk of illness and themselves disease than it was in previous generations. Today it is impossible to completely rid your body of toxins. Our food is full of chemical additives in drinks very often – caffeine, clean air and water will soon be worth its weight in gold.

Schwartzman Implants

Therefore, from a quickly abandoned. Then in 1936, Schwartzman first performed the operation on the implementation of the mammary glands of glass beads, resulting in chest acquired hard and unnatural shape. In the late 40s appeared liquid silicone, which is widely used in Japan for breast enlargement in the so-called geisha. Silicone caused severe inflammatory reactions and migrated. In the 50s there were the first synthetic prostheses made of their first evalonovoy sponge, then from eterona, but it soon became clear around them formed a very rough connective tissue capsule.

Which caused deformation of the chest and severe pain. The so-called revolution in breast augmentation surgeons performed the American F. Gregow and T. Cronin applying silicone implants in the shell, which were filled with saline or silicone gel. The basic technology is used today, have changed only the composition of materials and a variety of shapes and sizes of implants, the manufacturers of new generations of implants offer a lifetime warranty on their quality. But no matter how good and qualitative implants were not in all cases, you can achieve good results. And this is not caused by the implants with and with the variety of cases which address the patient. The most encountered is status after breast amputation for cancer, aplasia or hypoplasia of mammary glands with the absence of adipose tissue in the chest, etc. Installed implants can give the desired shape, but it negated the result of the operation tactile sensations when the implant is determined simply by touch.

Heat Stroke

Heat stroke occurs – overheating of the body. It may also happen to those who perform heavy physical work in hot weather. Sunstroke – the result of direct exposure to sunlight with CNS. Sunstroke affects those who spends many hours in the sun with their heads uncovered. 3.Vidimy portion of the spectrum has a wavelength from 400 to 760 nanometers. These waves are a particular irritant of the vision. Light is a necessary condition of eyes.

The light stimulates the activity of human body, increases metabolism, improves overall health, improves performance. The body is affected by the different colors of flowers. In this regard, there are warm colors ( yellow, orange, red) and cold colors (blue, indigo, violet). Cold and warm colors have different physiological effects on the body. Warm colors increase muscle tension, raises blood pressure, speeds up the rhythm of breathing.

Cool tones lower blood pressure, slow heart rate and breathing. In the last decades have seen a significant increase in solar activity, although many of this and not know it. If the increased UV flux and the inability of the ozone layer resist this humanity is subjected to a stronger influence of solar radiation. Skin cells are not able to resist and fail. Hence the observed surge in malignant tumors of the skin. It's time to change people's attitude to the sun. Prolonged stay of people in the sun with unprotected skin can result in health problems in the future. This is especially true children. The more children received a child of solar radiation, the greater the likelihood of developing skin cancer later in life. Sunburns also increase the risk of the disease. Lyubiteleypozagorat But still nothing will not stop.


Extra pounds are not wanted. And they are due to the fact that everything is extremely caring, it is advised to eat more, hinting that the need to eat for two – for yourself and your baby. But then recruited pounds do not need anyone. As lose weight without harm to the child, that feeds? And then? But you need to feel beautiful at this time. Around a lot of advertising of any means to lose weight, but you can not pills or dietary supplements, no clear restrictive diets … and, they say, need to eat much, so that the milk was excellent.

First, you need to understand that a slim figure – not only attractive, but also good health: overweight nobody has added any order or health. Second, do not listen to the "experienced" friends, who say there are a lot: the quality of milk does not depend on the amount of food. Third, understand that to solve the problem: how to lose weight with health benefits – in your own abilities. All very simple. Need to clearly define for themselves what exactly the result you desire to achieve.

For best results, require patience and perseverance in carrying out this goal. You must first understand the causes weight gain. This will help the professionals. If there is something wrong with your health – should receive treatment if health is all right – it is necessary to develop your personal program for a couple of months. Formula weight loss you probably known – a healthy diet and physical activity.

The Body

On and large, we should all be thin. That is, the rule of nature. There is no need here to say that God created all different. Yes, we have different color hair, different skin color, different facial features and so on, but he did not intend any who mutilate. Click PCRM to learn more. In nature, there is no fat of animals, except those who live with someone and then – this is rare. In our body there is a built-in regulation of body fat, and if it does not work, then something is broken. What is the reason violation? There are several possible options: from birth in the body violated by metabolic processes – heredity or disorders; bad habits upset the balance between energy consumption and its consumption, all the same bad habits, or taking medication, or illness caused metabolic disorders, and that all so simple? Aha! You can certainly paint a treatise on hundreds of sheets with scientific calculations, and everything can be put in a few clear proposals.

Are you choose? Here I am about the same. And to say something more on "why people do not lose weight?" Is transfusion of a sieve. Excuse me, the scientists minds, I presented the idea very briefly, only to understanding, but its very not mangling. Delve into the topic? For serious metabolic disorders without the intervention of a specialist can not do, and competent, honest as possible, and not some quack nutritionist. By this, the We shall consider cases where more or less healthy people have become victims of obesity, and have a good chance to beat the disease.

Help Pain

Geranium oil has a wonderful fragrance. It is also an amazing natural treatment for a variety of conditions, including pain in the nerves.Geranium oil smells wonderful and help you to treat many ailments affecting both adults and children. You can help with muscle aches and nerves, reduce anxiety and alleviate stress, helps to treat the swelling and inflammation and calm your nerves. A wonderful homemade Natural treatment of geranium oil can also help treat burns, wounds and ulcers on the skin. Mothers who are breastfeeding can use this oil to sooth your irritated skin.

You will also help you if you have one of the many skin diseases that affect people including eczema, shingles, sunburn, ringworm, acne nits, even herpes. If you have kids, geranium oil can quickly kill the nits who can contagiar them from other children at school. Benefits for the health of the geranium oil health benefits that brings the use of the geranium oil are countless. There have been studies that have tested the geranium oil helps to relieve the pain. A study done in 30 adult subjects suffering from neuralgia due to herpes, were given a treatment that could be one of several grades of geranium oil ranging from 100% of geranium oil to 10% of geranium oil mixed with mineral oil to mineral oil only, or a small dose of capsacina cream. You were asked they rate their pain on a scale ranging from 0 to 100, in intervals, after receiving the treatment they were assigned.

The results showed that subjects who had any amount of geranium oil in their treatments showed lower levels of pain and the pain relief was proportional to the quantity of oil of geranium in the treatment. The group with treatments 100% geranium oil had the highest pain relief and relief was in decline as the percentage of geranium oil decreased. Studies like this have found that peppermint oil and licorice oil are also good treatments for neuralgia headaches. Found that the geranium oil reduces nerve pain and has a scent so pleasant that you will enjoy using it. Everyone should keep a bit of geranium oil in house to treat all kinds of common discomforts, as well as also pains of nerves.

British Vegetarians

Other evidence – the British study that vegetarians are 40 percent lower risk of dying from cancer and 20 percent less likely to die from other diseases. I have already wrote about this, but I repeat. In the valley Vilkabamba, which is one of the oases of longevity, mainly eating fruits and vegetables. Abkhaz-centenarians eat meat. Hungarian elders prefer to be vegetarians.

Azerbaijani centenarians like meat, and fat. Long-lived northern tundra to eat a huge number of deer fat. And all live more than 100 years. Gerontologists have long ago proved that the connection between diet and life expectancy is not. In addition, the overall longevity of the human population continues to grow. In the days of ancient European people lived on average 20 – 30 years in the 18th century – 28, 5 years, in the 19th century – more than 40, now Europe is on average lived for 80 years.

That is, since ancient times, life expectancy increased to 60 years. Is this service only for vegetarians? Life expectancy – a broad concept, it involves not only diet but also the level life, living conditions, hygiene, level of medical, scientific and technical progress, and much more. To isolate any one cause is simply impossible. Mite vegetarians in life, I fear, will be small, if only because the total mass of humanity is still a small layer. And the claim of longevity vegetarians against the overall life expectancy, in terms of scientific research, to put it mildly, incorrectly. And by the way, there are other import studies asserting diametrically opposite position on vegetarianism. Since English explorers Appleby, Key and associates found that the power plant products do not reduce cancer risk, as there is no difference in mortality between vegetarians and meat eaters.

Cancer Causes

In a normal healthy body every day there and destroyed a huge number of modified (potentially cancerous) cells. Organism without any problems, it is easy to cope with it. This compares with a factory producing any product (in this case, the new cells). Production put on stream, that is, a living conveyor. As in any large factory, part of the product is rejected immediately. On the other stamp "Verified" status. Note on printing costs are not a sign of quality because the products have been released only the first selection.

The cells should be tested for their functional usefulness, ie the ability to perform its direct responsibilities. Who has not passed, that once the raw material. Amazing, saving the body of its resources and energy. In any production, especially the technical is an implicit marriage. All probably experienced this.

Released with some defective equipment is working normally in general. But there is a defect. And in some very rare cases, when a certain sequence operations defect may occur. Organism, like a good host lavish, no immediately throws defective cells, and gives them the opportunity to finalize before the end. Indeed, the potential pathology of cells can occur under certain rare conditions. And if these conditions will not be, with saving energy, which went to the creation of cells and energy for its destruction. Taking into account that it comes to producing more than one million cells, to almost zero waste production can add tremendous energy savings. How, Then there are tumors? Our body is always present a certain amount of toxins. To direct the body they can get in the first place through consumption of food, then through the air inhaled through the skin or mucous membranes. They also may appear in the body as a result of chemical reactions. For example, the interaction of some products in the colon (before they got there, they were not the toxins), or purulent education in various organs – the result of infection control, etc.

Prevention Of Dental Caries

The most popular dental diseases are dental caries and periodontal disease. Kapiec (tooth decay) evolves gradually, starting with surface areas of the tooth and then going deeper to the underlying tissue. It can affect both the crown of the tooth and root surfaces. Karies – quite insidious disease. It destroys a dental apparatus, resulting in broken chewing process. Subsequently, this leads to frustration digestion.

Infectious agents that enter the damaged teeth, can cause severe infectious processes, not only in the maxillofacial region, but also in internal organs (heart, kidneys, joints), as well as to create conditions for allergic diseases. Based on the general state of health and its general features are necessary hygiene measures and those that are recommended specifically for the oral cavity – proper nutrition and fluorine products – active ways to prevent tooth decay. Lack of protein leads to disruption of mineralization of hard tissues, reducing the size and color of dental crowns. Excess carbohydrates in the diet increases the possibility of caries. Therefore, for the formation of healthy teeth is an important quality of the food and the optimal quantity. In the prevention of dental caries a special place belongs to the vitamin.

It is established that long before occurrence of the disease, tooth tissues dramatically reduces the content of ascorbic acid. There is also a decrease of 3% per year incidence of tooth decay of children who consumed vitamins C and D. In Asia, for caries dentists recommend to eat rice, especially the husks.