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University Hospital

A few days ago I received a reduced photocopy of an interview to the at that then Conseller de Sanitat Dr. Joaquin Farnes, magazine for 5 days. This interview was published on June 25, 1996. After reading it I checked that prescriptions for adjusting projected 15 years Dr. Farnos to finish with the Valencian Community health deficit: co-financing of the public-private model in the creation of new hospitals, adjusting the pharmaceutical expenditure with the prescription of generic drugs and abaratamientos of health spending through the unification of purchases and reduction of waiting lists. They were neither more nor less than the new recipes that are projected to reduce expenditure on health in the forthcoming general elections of next November 2011. But among all these recipes that most caught my attention was public and private co-financing in the management of new hospitals or that over time has come to call the model Alzira.

I decided to investigate on the internet what is written on this topic and I brought me a great disappointment because, despite the universalizing this model is having, there are just references on which was its creator. This is the idea that I was moved to write this article: claim the paternity of model Alzira on the internet for its creator: Dr. Joaquin Farnos. First I visited Wikipedia by entering the terms model Alzira. The great on-line encyclopedia speaks of the University Hospital de La Ribera as the first public hospital Spanish privately launched in 1999 by the Valencian Community. Speaks of this formula of co-financing has been consolidated with the Hospital of Torrevieja, Denia, Manises and Vinalopo-Elche in the Valencian Community and with the laboratory clinical Dental B R health and Hospital in Torrejon de Ardoz in community of Madrid. It also speaks of this formula is being studied with interest by national and international bodies and institutions.