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Georgi With Specially Developed Software

Service means the realization of customer requirements of tomorrow today to prepare a special kind of software ensures the safe operation of all operations at Georgi Transporte. Whether vacation planning, truck scheduling, billing or driver scheduling – all processes flow together in a single system and create as the complete overview. With transportation programs by the band”we could never reproduce our requirements, said the Chief of the logistics company Jurgen Georgi Siegerland. So we have begun years ago already, to develop our computer programs by professionals, who have analyzed our specific requirements in painstaking work. What started long ago with pencil on notepads, desk pads, or forms, acquired with much expertise in a complex database system, so Georgi. Adjustments and updates are prerequisite for the proper use of this system, of course. Only so can the consistent quality of our services ensures be. But not only the internal overview and workload are such investments in the foreground.

So, our software creates the necessary transparency for customers and clients by program modules such as vehicle tracking, shipment tracking, and time control. For additional customer requirements, temperature or consumption data transmission are everyday part of the service. Job submission to subcontractors and their feedback on the payroll via the Web application of Orinsys”, which in turn feeds their data the system via a special interface. The last extension was early May 2011 with the complex expansion of data storage, as well as extensive additional programming information and order status delivery to customers, clients and business partners. Be always one step ahead’ is our strategy, so Jurgen Georgi. For us, service also means that we prepare the realization of customer requirements of tomorrow, today. Thus she will be next System expansion is probably not long waiting to. H. – J. Sajid

Unique Airbrush Design

Motorcycles and helmets to airbrush unique motorcycle riders who would like to refine its own bullet, hobbyists who want to put the finishing touches to its own factory and motorcycle exhibitors that want to allow only with a unique look, all have to transform the way your vehicle via airbrush in a moving work of art. Thus any motorcyclist can realize his own imagination on his own motorcycle. A true feeling of freedom and individuality. It is a real pleasure to show off his motorcycle friends or other people, like you will also become the focus on trade fairs and other exhibitions, not to last but not least for the reason that you can impress the crowd with his own vehicle. The Special at the airbrush technique is created every detail of handmade of artist. It is not similar to a machine created slide and a digital printing. What you drive at the end is a bulk deal, but a true one of a kind – a unique no falls! With the airbrush can accommodate unique motifs on many surfaces.

For example, the very popular Airbrushveredelung of complete motorcycles and matching helmets, the perfect step towards a unique is so. Popular designs are for example, skulls with flames in the Candylack, complete flame motifs, as well as of course your own designs. Under the helmet, skulls, as well as ice hockey masks are sought after, but the completely unique motifs, where the artists can realize the fantasy and desires of the customers are the most interesting of course. Some examples to airbrush the airbrush technique is implementation of course can’t come in on motorcycles and limited helmets that toilet seats, PC and console housing, cars and auto parts are also popular such as tank lids, bonnets, and whole bodies in the airbrush design. The imagination knows no bounds, the implementation by airbrush nor. In the following video, a sneak peek at possible airbrush is to see conversions.