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Drugs And Metabolism

Minute by minute I recovered my consciousness … when the drugs are metabolized and fully recovered, I felt joy, I was not know where, but it was I was alive and had returned, once again, … a drug Coma to Life! I thanked God and let out a groan, I wanted to sit down but ran to help me … Miguel !… Quiet Quiet! – Tell me-… Paquita and Marlene, were together to me, At least I knew … I called Miguel.

I have smiled, for I am an educated person, in the seconds and minutes, the drugs are completely metabolized and remembered my situation … God, Transplantation, Liver Cancer, my wife, my children, my parents remembered … and remembered! I waved, I felt an anxiety, I turned my head to all sides of this room of glass, there I found my old friends, was the Multi Parameter Monitor, Pulse-Oximeter, the venipuncture, central catheters, probes, drains, dressings Marlene, the head nurse, came over, stared at me, smiled and told me … now is Transplanted doctor!,’ve been Transplanted Miguel!, so far everything is going well … his words rolled like droplets of frost on the petals of hope fine, I opened my unbelieving eyes, my heart lost its accelerated pace and often appeared through the mouth to see if it was true, my eyes threw away their prejudices and tears …