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No Lots For Hartz IV Recipients

Most German citizens agree that allows to live not good indefinitely by Hartz IV. Most German citizens agree that allows to live not good indefinitely by Hartz IV. But what, if the money front and rear no longer sufficient but because och no employer leave a job one wants? Therefore, the handle to the lottery tickets is one of the ways that perhaps could improve the financial situation for many German Hartz IV recipients. I don’t have a Grand Prize, but at least the hope plays with. But that should in future be prohibited, at least if one assumes by the decision of the Cologne regional court which made a judgment last week, that provides sensation in wide circles. Therefore no lots may be sold in the future more people, if the stakes risks that are in proportion to their income”.

In the remainder of this judgment, it is emphasized that this prohibition in particular for the recipients of Hartz IV support applies. And this is by far not a trivial offence, if you attack lots despite Hartz IV-money on the narrow account to the Glucksverheissenden. As for failure to comply with this judgment, the Landgericht Koln threatens with a fine of up to 250 thousand euros. Nothing to sneeze at, so as an alternative even 6 years imprisonment in question come. As a basis for the Cologne regional court relied for this judgment on the universally unpopular State Treaty on gaming. Now the forums running hot before discussions extent to which this regulation should be justified and, as they can be implemented. Is anyone actually clear that in practice no ticket sellers will check, whether his client is a Hartz IV recipient or not? Those affected by this judgment also feel unfairly treated and criminalized. To come, although you get Hartz IV, as a lottery player is currently a popular joke in the relevant forums. In particular the discussions seem concern to reflect that such regulation continue to attack could and recipients blocked by Hartz IV soon other activities beyond the Lotto game that are, are also the disproportionate to her income. Also it seems hard to understand, like for example buying a scratch card may be disproportionate.