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Mix Country

That is to say, popular Armed Forces, forces, political Church, parties and the sectors of the great one bourgeoisie in the end. Similar consensus ended the life of the dictatorship, as it is known. But ” all their action of the great bourgeoisie was guided by the objective to maintain the political power for himself, to conserve intact the structure of the state, to contain the democratic movement, to restrain the anti-feudal transformations and of national liberation and to frame the Venezuelan political process in the close field of the slow reforms that do not solve the great problems of the country nor of masas.” Mix-up of classes Done that turns the subject into a subject to drive of classes, where one acts quickly to preserve its interests and another one retires by virtue of the deficiency of brings back to consciousness programmatic with respect to the historical moment that were lived and of the model of country that was developed. The popular forces did not have clarity on the type of government whom it would have to come after the overthrow, much less spyings on the good or bad faith of the different forces that participated in the riot. For that reason we affirm that the masses popular they retire from good faith to his houses, without obeying to no other plan that is not to wait for the results of the decision making of the national leadership with respect to the model of waited for country, that is to say, one where it did not appear the political instability, the social problems were taken care of and economic of the population, the standard of life would rise, would be respected the human rights, etc.

Getting Pregnant

In order to be able to more quickly be pregnant, always it is good idea that you count how many days pass between the beginning of a menstruation and the beginning of the following one, to know how many days last your menstrual cycles and if they are regular (always equal) or no. If you have cycles regular, all more or less of the same duration, method of calendar can to be helpful to be pregnant woman, since it allows you to calculate which will be the next fertile days, and you will be able to put attention in especially maintaining vaginal sexual relations in those days. You must reduce 14 to the duration of your cycles, and only will know the day of the ovulation. Also previous days are fertile both to the ovulation, since the spermatozoa can survive up to three days in the uterus and to even be in conditions for fertilizing the ovum. For example, if you have cycles of 30 days of duration, you will ovulate day 16 of the cycle, and also days 14 will be fertile and 15. It always remembers that the first day of a menstruation is counted like first day of the cycle. If your cycles are not regular, that is to say, if some are shorter and others more lengths, other tracks exist that you can follow and that can be a good aid to be pregnant woman, since also they indicate which are your fertile days. For example, if you control the basal temperature of your body, every day before levantarte, beginning the first days of the cycle, you will notice that a day the temperature increases 0,5C.

This increase indicates that you are in your fertile days. Also you can observe the appearance of a vaginal flow like clear of egg, colorless and very viscous. This also indicates that the ovulation soon will happen. And finally, a test of ovulation exists, that it is bought in the pharmacy and that you can do in your house. This test, that it becomes in urine, also can be helpful to be pregnant woman, since if the result is positive, is hour to call to your pair and ponerte in campaign. If you want to be pregnant of totally natural form within 60 days, without concerning your age, do Click Here. Original author and source of the article.

Correct Face Tics

Until the 25 percent of all the children it must fight with the emotional pain the face nervous tics. This condition can better be explained like a repetitive spasm, that happens in face muscles and the eyes. Exact aetiology is often little clear, but the investigations indicate a significant connection between the estresantes events and an increase in the evidence of the symptoms. Another explanation for the development of this nervous tics, is the deficiencies in vitamins and essential minerals, like magnesium. Some types of face tics are a symptom of upheavals of the nervous system, including the syndrome of Torete, a condition that is from a dysfunction of the nervous system. This state of health thinks that they also have a genetic component. Some examples of a face nervous tic are fast movements of the eyes or to blink, entrecerrando the eyes, wrinkling the mouth or the nose, spasms of sounds in the mouth, like small gruidos, face faces, or the tic to clarify the throat.

This problem often is developed in childhood, and can last only a few weeks or several years. Sometimes, the upheaval persists in the adult age. The tics face can perpetuate and harness the levels of anxiety in a boy whose levels of stress already are high as a result of the disease in himself. The young people can be very cruel, when making fun of of the problem of the boy. In addition, the educators that do not include/understand and do not help their classmates to understand and to help to the boy in the handling of his problem, it can cause a devastating effect in the self-esteem of the boy. The problem, nevertheless, not only is excellent for the young people who suffer. The adults who are themselves affected by a face nervous tic, find important challenges in the handling of this problem.

Pregnancy and Haemorrhoids

Most exasperating than a woman it can feel fertile stage in the heat of is knowledge that suffers of hemorroides during the pregnancy. The immense joy that represents to bring a creature to the world turns from a little while to another one into preoccupation because of the hemorroides. This it is a suffering very common in embarrassed women, nevertheless this does not mean that he is not curable. To follow suitably treatments to cure hemorroides during the pregnancy is one of the best options to end the evil. A great percentage of women even usually suffers of hemorroides without getting to be in pregnancy.

Without I engage the clutch, women more frequently undergo the pregnant it on behalf of the additional volume that it generates drinks as it is growing. The hemorroides during the pregnancy occur by the increase in the pressure on the low zone of the heavy intestine, fact that impedes the natural movement of lees, thus forcing to the rectum to make much more force to be able to evacuate the faecal matter. The previous thing results in which many cases of external hemorroides appear during the pregnancy. This does not have to be reason for preoccupation. Some treatments exist to cure hemorroides during the pregnancy and that does not represent to have to conduct an operation, fact that could affect the quality of the pregnancy. There are three prescriptions that allow to eliminate hemorroides during the pregnancy without it drinks must fight in this way.

To consume Cereals The cereals with high fiber content as the wheat bran is essential for the treatment of hemorroides during the pregnancy. A cup of cereals to the day contains of 20 grams of fiber, necessary for the definitive cure of the problem. Oats To consume oats in hojuelas can contribute to the solution of the hemorroides to a great extent. Each oats cup contributes 20 grams of fiber to the day. It is possible to be taken liquefied or boiled. It creates an effective diet for hemorroides To design one " strategy of ataque" in order to cure the hemorroides it is the most effective method. To be very careful in its application means to cure for always this disease or otherwise, the consequences of the same would even appear after been born drinks. To take remedies without having organized a newspaper to cure the hemorroides probably it will cause that the disease does not disappear and that the quality of your pregnancy is not the best one. A treatment for hemorroides exists during the pregnancy that the cure once and for all of natural form, besides favoring the feeding of drinks. Original author and source of the article.