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South Wild

The country Sweden offers a variety of beautiful places. The image of Sweden is marked by the distinctive coniferous forests. But to the South in Sweden to get the more forests are to be found there. She limit the fauna and flora considered of the limes of the so-called norrlandicus. But many deciduous forests had to in southern Sweden has plenty of room make this the soils of the agriculture is better suited. On the Swedish Islands oland and Gotland you will find a very impressive and very diverse flora. A special feature is that there many orchid species.

The fauna is also very numerous equipped in Sweden there are wild boar much red-and-unless the wild boar that is been eradicated since the 19th century in the wild. From the years 1970 something teamed but again the result of the eruptions of the wild boars from the deer has in Sweden again a population evolves. The Elks in Sweden are well known for the Sweden but as plage viewed they will there a big risk in road traffic represent. In the hunting season, which begins in the fall more than a quarter of Elk will be charged. But the stock is here is not vulnerable to the high reproductive rate.

But predators such as wolves, bears and Lynx for a few years by very strict environmental conditions are again on the rise. Because many of the long coasts and lakes offer a beautiful large Habitat the animals there but many aquatic animals such as seals can often be seen. Who is curious now still not can get further information about Sweden on the Internet but who already once there was also frequently travels to Sweden or even been there lives. Many people get married in Sweden very gladly, because here it is nice and very quiet.

Easter: Fasting

To Easter fasting and fasting hiking in Corsica – how newbie by hiking without solid food Easter: the traditional ideal time to get a fasting to treat Bastia / Corsica (Sylvia Mintz) – in the holiday resort of Rico Plage at the foot of the Castaniccia, on the East coast of Corsica, gathered a lively folk – and waiting anxiously the things that come here: A \”last supper\” consisting of a fresh Apple, the culinary delights served as if it were a unique delicacy from the \”haute cuisine\” France. For more information see this site: PCRM. In the morning, then the first \”rich\” breakfast, consisting of a glass of fresh Corsican source water with Glauber’s salt (!) as well as a freshly brewed mint tea. The twelve people take it all with humor. You are finally Andre records storage, fast hiking guide and nutrition coach, who is specialized on the fast walking and knows the island inside out. Everyone knows what he has admitted.

Instead of the usual diet, perhaps even supplemented\”by cigarettes and \”Alcohol, there is now a week or two for veteran fasting\”. Instead, there is plenty of water, has tasty and varied teas, which even come tea ring and a coffee drinker on the taste, as well as, depending on the type of fasting for the individual guest choose fruit and vegetable juice or vegetable broth. For this purpose, his personal Constitution information-type specific form of fasting in an individual interview with each participant is selected on the first evening. \”Fasting is by no means a new fashion\” is, but as old as the history of mankind, has now got around. In the known ancient cultures fasting was announced each year at the end of the winter, often already alone because the stocks being depleted were. Every healthy man is set up so that he himself may exist for several weeks out, without taking damage.

Family Holiday

Life tastes with Bavarian delicacies not only the holiday life tastes in the Bavarian Forest, the products which brings forth the nature of the district, a melt on the tongue. Leopold Schuster of the eponymous country Inn in Freyung touches ever across the meadows to find Sorrel or fresh flower buds for its cuisine. Along with meat from the region, herbs from the garden and market-fresh vegetables, he conjures up healthy treats and festive dining experience. Adult will rediscover here the pure taste of food from childhood. “Cook many Inns in the Bavarian Forest to the Bavarian philosophy there is nothing better than what Guats” and bear this in mind especially when shopping the ingredients. In the old Tafernwirtschaft Ehrn”in the open-air Museum of Finsterau the lard baked taste donut best, in the Osserhutte the Mushroom broth”. So each has its specialty, not to be missed. Bavarian Forest displays many more ideas for a new children map exciting and active family holiday on. And what could be better for children to gather new experiences in nature, to be active and to get a feel for his body and the own athletic performance. There is ../wellfitwald/ much to discover in the shaft fit Woods Bayerischer Wald

Right Spa Hotel Book

The right Spa Hotel search, book and wellness have a great holiday and thus treatments or holiday enjoy years popularity. Not only the body to relax and well-being is versatile treatment concepts such as various forms of massage, saunas of all temperatures with or without light therapy, as well as diverse beauty treatments. Wellness means also a balm for the soul. For the hotel and tourism industry, wellness is long no unknown constant. Domestically, as well as in neighbouring countries such as the Netherlands or Austria wellness hotels can be found almost everywhere. The range is this very diverse, according to personal taste or budget game. But caution is advised.

There Wellness it is, is not always wellness. Wellness “will be understood partly but very differently. Many hotels focus actually on wellness in the sense of a versatile range of treatments for body and mind. Other hotels understand already the presence of a simple swimming pool, as well as serve a 3-course meal under wellness. Therefore applies: eyes on a wellness book didn’t mislead hotels and to let hotel in the description as the wellness hotel per se offered. Reputable providers expose open lots of information about the hotel, their spa services, as well as the corresponding prices in catalogues or on the Internet. So you can make to advance an accurate picture of the existing house offer. Also with the proposed arrangements should exactly what treatments are exactly the price includes or which are optionally also available against payment be.

Portals on the Internet where this particular Spa Hotel was rated are helpful. Basically, a spa vacation is always a great thing and especially in hectic times not only symbolically to analyze a small oasis of tranquillity and relaxation in order to regain new strength for the hectic everyday life. As but everywhere, there are black sheep also in the field of wellness hotels. You should therefore carefully inform in advance, before you head over to book something.

Bohemian Forest Czech Republic

Ski and winter holiday in South Bohemia at the Lake Lipno (Lipno), the largest reservoir of in the Czech Republic Bohemian Forest nature reserve. Three brand-new four-chair lifts, longer and wider ski slopes, State of the art safety elements, circumcision at the world level. That is only a short list of the news, waiting for visitors of the ski area Lipno in the coming winter season. The fans of winter friends find comparable with known foreign winter centres a brand-new ski in Lipno virtually area, which offers a pleasant stay for families with children. The ski area Lipno was in recent years thoroughly modernized and offers its visitors a real comfort.

A high point of ski learning place Foxpark representing the largest and most modern learning course in the Czech Republic, where children can experience the real winter friends! Do not hesitate and sure with your family! In the ski, you are always welcome area Lipno. Cross-country skiing at Lipno for cross-country skiers are between the towns of Frymburk and Lipno nad Vltavou regularly driven trails with a total length of 40 km. The local speciality is the perimeter on the frozen Lipno, which is ideal for a not undemanding excursion in the afternoon. Skating on Lipno during the winter holidays awaits you in the snow and frost on the frozen Lipno lake (from 18 cm ice thickness), the longest ice road in the world by the town of Frymburk, up to the village Lipno nad Vltavou, with a total length of 10 km and a width of 6 meters. The ice road is a special winter outing for skaters and cross country skier. After a day on the slopes you exploit sure our rich, regenerating wellness program at Hotel Maxant in Frymburk wellness. If you so want to go skiing in Lipno, you stay at our hotel, and sure you will not regret.

Biathlon World Cup Opener

The Pillersee Valley is venue of the Biathlon World Cup again and the hotel Unterlechner is right instead of doing from 9 to 12 December 2010 the e.on Ruhrgas finds in Hochfilzen in the Pillersee Valley IBU Biathlon World Cup instead. In four days, athletes from all over the world provide exciting racing in the Sprint, pursuit and relay in the idyllic and Snow Valley between Kitzbuheler Alps and Loferer steinberge. The Pillersee Valley is famous for its perfectly crafted network of trails over 110 kilometres and is the venue of the Biathlon World Cup partner region of the cross-country ski market leader Fischer repeatedly. Further details can be found at Dr. Peter M. Wayne, an internet resource. The Nordic biathlon Centre offers professional ski schools, guided cross-country ski tours, and even a guest biathlon shooting range! “No wonder, then, that even the German biathlon national team feels comfortable here, Tyrol’s smallest 4-star hotel Unterlechner to the official hotel of the German biathlon team” has chosen! The hotel Unterlechner is the base of the German biathlon national team during the World Cup launch and Guests also enjoy the perfect winter conditions around the small hotel: from 09 to 30th January 2011 which will be held cross-country skiing & biathlon week! Sports enthusiasts a varied biathlon and cross country skiing waiting program from Monday to Saturday: is started with a cosy round with cross-country skiing coach Sepp before it goes on the beautiful Pillersee Valley tours. Centre Hochfilzen (coach) a day, which is dedicated to testing the latest cross-country skiing of the season under the guidance of the service team following on a cross-country skiing and shooting training in biathlon.

Special sport massages and a rock-herbal bath in the large wellness area of the hotel promote the regeneration and also the evening program offers variety: romantic carriage rides and a dance by candlelight make for a magical winter week..

Ground Corn

New guest gallery for 2012 has 146 pages and is now available at last it is here: the new Bodenmais catalogue 2012 with 146 pages and Bodenmais DVD has been published. Once again, the holiday resort of no. 1 in the Bavarian Forest with many news and trends presents itself. Whether it’s winter or summer, that offer is always large. Alone in the past year a lot has happened in the place and the development is progressing steadily. So some Spa Hotels have been extended and expanded, 29 WellVital homes have been newly certified.

The latest offers for stays in Bodenmais are hang-gliding, mountain biking, GARMIN/LOWA-test centre, Bodenmais currency and the E-bike network. Other offers, such as jungle, that card are many events, the children’s Club or the ground corn long established and reflected in the new catalogue. The new health centre is also presented in the guest gallery. The premiere of the new catalogue of the guest must be naturally festive and celebrated befitting: romantic experience together with us from 8 to 10 December Christmas day on the gourmet Christmas market in Bodenmais. Many folk music stars celebrate also with: Margot Hellwig, Walter Scholz and Takeo Ischi with included. You can be from 99 Euros also.

The anniversary Christmas market is the epitome of romantic Christmas, for this reason also the ZDF here already with the winter garden has made station. The five-day trip with the gourmet Christmas market and the folk music concerts includes many more inclusive services: accommodation with breakfast, as well as the complete programme, you can on many winter hikes for free participate or visit the water and sauna complex “WellSportAktiv” in the village. We celebrate the premiere of the catalog with a Bavarian evening with traditional music and pig roast. The Mayor will greet you personally. And the best thing is: who want to drive themselves, which can for an extra $99 for the first time from many locations (including Dortmund, Bochum, Essen, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Erfurt) arriving in the entire Federal territory with the bus. For accommodation, you have the choice between an original Bavarian pension (99 euros), a good three-star comfort Hotel ($199) or a four star hotel and Spa ($299).