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Pregnancy And Flu

Pregnancy and the flu. We all know that pregnancy is not the best time to meet with the disease, how often do we meet the woman who never got sick? If you get a runny nose or throat a little Perche, does not sound an alarm, maybe it's just a cold. The main thing that you have not picked up a viral infection – in particular influenza. You should be aware of the main symptoms of flu – high fever, weakness, a bad cold, headache and cough. Flu you can not get a little wet feet, or caught in the rain, the flu virus is only transmitted by airborne droplets from another infected person. Virus entering the body begins to rapidly multiply carried by the flow of blood throughout your body.

Influenza can award you the most severe complications, which is why it is so dangerous for pregnant women. The worst thing that can happen is a threat of miscarriage or premature birth. In the treatment of influenza, it is necessary to comply with all recommendations of your physician, a physician who conducts your pregnancy knows all the features of the organism. Most drugs that are used in the treatment of influenza, pregnant women are contraindicated, so the emphasis is on homeopathic and folk remedies. Do not forget about drinking plenty of fluids, which must contain vitamin C, and everyone knows – viburnum, raspberry. Lower temperature can be paracetamol. Get rid of the cough will help herbal breast fees or herbal medicine.

Must inhalations with chamomile, calendula, eucalyptus, sage, pine buds. Remember antibiotics do not cure influenza. Understandably be your concern about the impact of influenza treatment for your baby. None experienced doctor, you do not confirm whether the consequences for the child or not. You can only say, Flu is most dangerous in early pregnancy, ie up to 12-13 weeks. It is this period is laying all the important organs of your baby, so the flu is most dangerous in this period. In the future, the danger decreases, because the kid will just grow in your tummy. If influenza is very hard and gave some complications, it is better to be safe and do the triple test (AFP, hCG and estriol) to make sure that everything with the baby well. After receiving test results, you can either calm down when everything is normal, or start a further examination, if the test showed the slightest deviation. The next survey will be called amniocentesis is procedure in which you take samples of amniotic fluid and examine them on nayavnost any abnormalities. Though the procedure and is relatively simple and painless, but can cause miscarriage. Therefore, carefully weigh the pros and cons. In most cases, the immunity of pregnant women is much weakened and the likelihood of ill pregnant women are significantly higher than in non-pregnant. Doctors recommend a vaccination against the flu, so as in the current vaccines contain absolutely harmless elements to an unborn baby. But the vaccine can only be done after the first trimester of pregnancy, ie after 14 weeks. Vaccination is nice. But do not forget to strengthen its immunity. Make tempering, a lot of walk, eat fruits and vegetables, take special vitamins. Before visiting public places, lubricate the nasal mucosa oxolinic ointment in the evening Wash it with a solution of eucalyptus. So you protect yourself from getting into your body viral bacteria.

Next Exercise

Enough, twice a day to give yourself at least 10 minutes: In the shower, alternate between hot and cold water, preferably spray directly on the damaged areas. Good effect have shower gels from algae. Rub the breast in a circular motion, a special massage brush (not hard). Apply to place banners moisturizer. If you prefer, you can buy a special cream for stretch marks.

Just read the instructions carefully. All creams are divided into two categories. The first truly eliminate stretch marks. A second do not remove them, but only clarified. And remember, creams act only on fresh stretch marks. If after nine months of streamers is still not clear, contact a beauty parlor. There by means of laser clean not only postnatal stretching, but also much deeper scars. Chest in order? Thank charge! Of course, it is advisable to start doing exercises to keep the chest muscles, long before the pregnancy.

In the daily performance of these exercises will help to achieve visible results in 5 weeks. Exercise 1. Starting position: on his knees, leaning his arms on short rest (for example, the edge of the sofa), keep your hands shoulder width apart. Bend your elbows and touch feeding platform. Then straighten your elbows. Try not to bend at the waist, and keep the body upright. Exercise repeat 8-10 times. Exercise 2. (For this exercise will require the ball and, preferably, a partner.) Starting position: Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. Keep the ball in both hands at chest level. Throw the ball to his teammate, either on the wall, bending and straightening your elbows, but not raising them higher than chest level. Exercise 3. Starting position: lying down, face down, with emphasis on the outstretched arms, with knees bent and feet lifted up. Spread your hands slightly wider than shoulder line. Performing push-ups, try to take your elbows to the sides and lower body as possible. Linger at the lowest point for 5-10 seconds and then straighten. Try to keep your back straight, do not bend at the waist. Repeat this 8-10 times. Several nuances of watching your breath. During exercise try to breathe smoothly, quietly. In this case, just breathe through your nose and exhale through the mouth. Do the exercises slowly. Then the load on different muscle groups will increase significantly. If, after charging in pain in the muscles, then most likely you just do not calculate the forces. So the next time reduce the number of repetitions of each exercise and increases the load gradually. Muscle pain well takes a warm bath. If you are breastfeeding, you do the exercises better immediately after feeding until the breasts are not full of milk. After charging must take a warm shower. Almost all of these exercises can be done during pregnancy and after childbirth, but before you start, Check with your doctor.