The Beauty

But the task is not easy; socially and culturally is teaches us that we must comply with what is expected of us. In most cases we even take consciousness until a stage of advanced maturity that we live our relations under a constant shadow of enforced obligations that we have built us under outside premises. Proclaim our independence does not mean abandon relations, but to take responsibility on each one of them conscious and controlled, starting with the relationship with ourselves. Cling to someone or something psychologically, implies guilt, pain, frustration and dependence, and quite possibly rancor. Independence in our relations has been forged in freedom of choice, respect towards yourself and your environment, the only way love can grow and closer relationships in which the inter action leads us to fulfill our dreams and goals; and not to his resignation. Still think that you have the possession of the claimed? Nothing more wrong. Often just by sticking to what we love with the desire not to vary it. But life means evolution, movement and the fact of trying to stay anchored just our initial end a forgotten goal. What began as love has been absorbed by fears and insecurities, finally turned into a stifling loop that deform the beauty. Our independence begins to listen to when each of us allowed to be what another will ours, don’t want to and want to be, without imposing further requirement or expectation that the of continue loving, growing and smiling at the own life without fear. Original author and source of the article