The Blood

At juice it is necessary on the sugar content make sure to take no unnecessary calories. No harm in eighth on a balanced, vitamin-rich diet alcohol in moderation! Aged alcohol completely refrain from need, is not required. Finally, a good drop of noble wine belongs to the quality of life. 1-2 glasses red wine a day are absolutely prohibited even for heart, a glass sparkling wine stabilizes the circulation and increases the blood pressure. The healthy diet already starts with the purchase! Shop consciously and already make your purchase carefully on the content, and nutritional information for your products. The leaflet”are hints on protein and fat content and calorie information.

So you decide what comes at you on the table. You have the choice, and the consumption of bread with diet butter and low-fat coating you can save already 50% of calories compared to a bread with good”butter and greasy cheese. Confined in the crowd! Set up your food portion plates meet on and enrich them with low-calorie side dishes such as cucumber, tomato, carrot, or fruit. Then you not lose track about the amount. If you eat at the table until you have a satiety, they eat a lot more. So you can eat basically moderate consumption of everything and have to actually give up anything.

as far as not has special restrictions were made for diabetics or people with allergies. The eye eats with! Create a cozy atmosphere for dinner! Every meal can be a feast by festive set the table and decorate nice. Light candles and listen to your favorite music. Take time and enjoy the food you want to eat consciously. Watch your weight! It is advisable to control his weight regularly once a week and be entered in a table. Then it is easier to prevent unwanted weight gain or to counteract. Weight fluctuations can then rebalance the relatively short period of time. By regularly holding of a fruit or rice day you have your desired weight back quickly. Exercise is important! To avoid unwanted weight gain, you should add a lot of movement of healthy, high-fiber retaining, vitamin-rich diet. Regular walks, gymnastics, walking, or dancing also help that you with your weight and your diet feel. IK /